Music Buddies Sachin-Jigar Spill Industry Secrets, Profess Their Love For Food & Perform Live Only On SpotboyE!

This friendship day, 9XM & decided to celebrate the spirit of friendship by bringing together 6 friends for chit chat, a couple of games and a whole lot of music! Yes, that's what SpotboyE's Music Buddies is all about!

The third episode of Music Buddies features Sachin Sanghvi and Jigar Saraiya. Two Gujaratis, who don’t talk about share prices and diamonds but bond over food and love for making music. From how ‘char baj gaye’ was thought of over a plate of pav bhaji to how Jigar was bhaizoned by Jonita Gandhi, watch it all and more on Music Buddies!

Click the video below and get ready for a lot of laughter and friendship:

Image Source: SpotboyE Team