Sona Mohapatra Digs Up Old Fight With Salman Khan, Labels His Fans ‘Chelas’

There's a limit to ranting Ms. Mohapatra. Freedom of speech doesn't mean you randomly start giving opinions about anything and everything. This time she has targeted Salman Khan yet again and used it to strike back at Justin Bieber’s fans, who trolled her recently...

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Sona Mohapatra Digs Up Old Fight With Salman Khan, Labels His Fans ‘Chelas’

May be she loves all the attention. No wonder every morning there is a new rant to read on singer Sona Mohapatra’s Twitter handle!

She posted her opinion and mocked the recently concluded Justin Bieber concert yesterday. Obviously, the tweet didn’t speak well about the Canadian pop star because of which she got heavily trolled by Bieber fans.

Later this morning she started her Twitter rant again and replied to them, "Dear trolls, As I said earlier, sorry your idol let you down & didn't bother putting up an honest show. I had nothing to do with that. Peace"

If it was only that where Ms Mohapatra stopped, we would have thought it to be fair as everyone has their own opinions but unfortunately that was not the case. The singer went on to talk about how she was trolled when she spoke against Salman Khan, mocking his court cases and their verdicts, in June last year.

Even though Salman Khan has nothing to do in this entire controversy, she dug out her old feud with him and wrote, "53 year old Bhai ka chelas trolled me relentlessly about my 'age'. 23 year old Bieber Bhakts continue to do so. U are all stupid. Age no bar."

Sona Mohapatra has been in news past one month because of her Twitter war with Sonakshi Sinha and Parineeti Chopra. It all started when rumours of Sonakshi Sinha performing at the Justin Bieber concert started doing rounds. This left singers like Armaan Malik and Sona Mohapatra miffed as they felt that the professional singers deserve the stage and actors should stick to doing what they do the best, ‘act’. Of course, Sonakshi and Parineeti didn’t take her harsh comments lying low and they sternly replied to Sona’s tweets.

Just yesterday she tweeted a post tagging singer Armaan Malik in which she said, "So maybe I was wrong after all @ArmaanMalik22 . This wouldn't be a worthy stage for you. Best left to the 'actors' of singing."

Interestingly, Armaan attended the concert and was all gaga about the Hollywood sensation.

Well, we guess it’s time Sona Mohapatra realises she is making more enemies in the industry with each passing day.

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