Tharki Chokro| Music Review

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Tharki Chokro| Music Review

Song Name: Tharki Chokro

Movie Name: PK

Singers: Swaroop Khan

Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire

Music Director: Ajay, Atul

Apparently Aamir Khan loses his memory in the movie and goes cognitive about this gender which leads him to get touchy with Sanjay Dutt and village women at the same time. So basically the Tharki Chokro  a.k.a PK, is set to jump the fence and Sanjay Dutt is musically complaining about it.

It is sung and rendered in a Rajasthani folk music style, making it sound fresh to hear. Not the one you would dance to, but the folk instruments in the song will make you hit the repeat button atleast once.

This song earns 8 on 10 for the colourful setup, fresh voice and the Rajashani folk touch up.