FRIENDS 25th Anniversary: Ross, Rachel, Joey And The Gang, Then And Now

Its FRIENDS 25th anniversary and oh…my…god! We feel so old. Ross, Rachel (the lobsters), Joey, Phoebe, Monica and Chandler; these six characters will always be our favourite. On its anniversary, here’s how they all have grown up to be

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  • 1/6

    Ross, our handsome paleontologist! The one who couldn’t stay away from Rachel despite being on a break, David Schwimmer who played Ross, still looks so FINE. (Image Source:- instagram/thedailyschwimmer)

  • 2/6

    Rachel, our beautiful Miss Green who grew up to be much more than a ‘shoe’, looks as adorable as she was back then. Jennifer Aniston recently turned 50 and yet can give any girl a run for her money. (Image Source:- instagram/friends_italy94/jennifer_aniston_the_official)

  • 3/6

    Chandler, the one with the best sense of humour! If you are the one who has followed FRIENDS facts closely, then you would know that Mathew Perry’s wit was so great that the writers of the series often incorporated his jokes in the scenes. Can it get anymore better? (Image Source:- instagram/friends/mattylangfordperry)

  • 4/6

    Joey, how you doin? Let’s say, he was the best character of the series. Played by Matt LeBlanc, Joey was loved the most even though he did not share his food. And he is still so handsome. (Image Source:- instagram/friends/mleblanc)

  • 5/6

    Phoebe, the wisest of all! Phoebe essayed by Lisa Kudrow was the quirkiest, wittiest and the most whimsical character we have ever seen in a series. The smelly cat was lucky to have her (Image Source:- instagram/friends/lisakudrow)

  • 6/6

    Monica, the best hostess ever! Courtney Cox was so perfect as Monica Geller that after a point her uncontrollable need to please people got on us. She was that breezy and let’s say her charm is still intact. *wink* (Image Source:- instagram/friends/courtneycoxofficial)