9X Tashan Song Stories: Episode 5 With Sukh-E

This week on 9X Tashan Song Stories, we have Punjabi sensation Sukh-E sharing his journey

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9X Tashan Song Stories: Episode 5 With Sukh-E
In the fifth episode of 9X Tashan Song Stories, we chatted with popular Punjabi singer Sukh-E, who gave us an interesting fact about his super hit song Coka, that is inching towards half a billion views on YouTube! 

Sukh-E said that he, along with Jaani and his friends were all chilling at his house in Delhi and that he played a beat on loop in the studio. Jaani started humming the lyrics with the word Coka over the beat and by the evening everyone was still vibing to the unrecorded demo.

He then went on to record the song in the studio the same night and very candidly told us that the song was totally not planned and it just happened to be created in a fun environment.

Listen to the episode and stay tuned to 9X Tashan Song Stories for more!

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Image source: 9X Tashan