Malayalam Actor Vijay Babu REACTS To Rape Allegations On Him, Reveals the Name Of 'Victim' In FB Live - Details INSIDE

A rape survivor claimed actor Vijay Babu repeatedly raped her. However, the actor denies the allegations in FB live

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Malayalam Actor Vijay Babu REACTS To Rape Allegations On Him, Reveals the Name Of 'Victim' In FB Live - Details INSIDE
Vijay Babu founds himself in the spotlight of a scandalous controversy that could forever ruin his reputation after a female actor (identity not revealed) has claimed that the Malayalam actor-producer was drunk and raped her for over one month, from 13 March to 14th of April in 2022. Vijay Babu has denied the accusations and went on to violate the law while naming the person who was raped during an online live chat on Facebook in which he pledged to open an entirely new chapter of the hashtag #MeToo.

"I haven't done anything wrong. I'm the victim in this. The so-called law of this country protects her, and she is at ease while I'm the one who is suffering. I will file defamation and a counter-case. It won't be a small case. I won't let her get away that easily. I can share all the proof with her, but I won't because I don't want to cause damage to her family. I'm answerable only to my wife, mother, sister, and friends. I knew her (his accuser), we first met in 2018, but I haven't chatted with her between 2018 and 2021. She came for an audition and got her role. All these talks of casting couch and all... it's I who's suffering. From December to March, I have all her messages, 400 screenshots of them – whatever allegations she may have, rape or consensual, I have all on record," OnManorama website shares the statement of Vijay Babu on FB Live.

A Women Against Sexual Harassment shared the Victim's statement, Stating that as an actress in the Malayalam film industry for many years, Vijay Babu has been physically assaulting her and exploiting her sexually. She reportedly has known him for years, and he gained her trust by being friendly. Behaving like her saviour as she was a newcomer in the industry, he knew her problems. She also stated that his modus operandi was pulling me into the trap with the role of a saviour cum friend cum lover, intoxicating her and sexually abusing her.

In her complaint, she also stated that he never stopped disregarding her protest even after her denial. He has raped her several times during the past 1 ½ months. She was intoxicated with alcohol and forced to take happy pills. Her body was used as a tool for pleasure. He has forced himself on me and even forced me into oral sex in a car against my will. Each time she tried to run away from this trauma, he would come after her with false marriage promises.

She concluded by saying that she was under his control and was scared to speak up because of his clout, influence, and power in the film industry. He even controlled her career and films. The victim alleged that Vijay Babu was a monster.

As per reports, the case has been taken up with non-bailable offences against Vijay Babu. In the coming days, the Police is expected to take stern action including the arrest of Vijay Babu.

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