Fan Fakes As Mani Ratnam, Wife Suhasini Shuns Rumors

Mani Ratnam’s wife Suhasini calls out a fake account impersonating Mani Ratnam.

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Fan Fakes As Mani Ratnam, Wife Suhasini Shuns Rumors
The veteran director, Mani Ratnam celebrated his 65th birthday on 2nd June 2021. He received a lot of wishes on social media from his fans but at the same time, an account called ‘Dir_ ManiRatnam’ was claiming to be Mani Ratnam and going viral on Twitter. After hearing about a fake account of Mani Ratnam going viral on Twitter, Mani Ratnam’s wife Suhasini Ratnam who stays quite active on social media platforms quickly shunned the rumors and exposed the impersonator.

Suhasini Ratnam took to her Twitter to tell everyone that director Mani Ratnam doesn’t own a Twitter account and the person some clueless person has been wishing to is in fact an impersonator of him. Exposing the fake account, She wrote, ‘’There is a person claiming to be @ Dir_ ManiRatnam has tweeted that director ManiRatnam is starting his Twitter account today.  It is false.  He’s an impersonator.  Pls be aware and spread the word around. Thank you.’’ After being called out for being an impersonator by Suhasini, the owner of the fake account quickly changed his page to a Mani Ratnam fan account. 

Meanwhile, On the work front, Mani Ratnam will soon start producing his upcoming Netflix Anthology called Navarasa. It is said that Navarasa will be helping over 10,000 cinema workers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Image source: Twitter/hasinimani