Netrikann: Nayanthara's Film Gets Recognized By Critics And Fans Alike

Nayanthara very well manages to shine in the safe adaptation of a Korean thriller.

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Netrikann: Nayanthara's Film Gets Recognized By Critics And Fans Alike
The Korean thriller movie of Ahn Sang-Hoon Blind is not particularly a great movie, and also going by the standard of Korean cinema that has set with their thrillers over the years and actually what works in favor is that it’s a thriller with a female protagonist, and that’s what makes it slightly refreshing. As a result, that’s exactly what makes “Netrikann” also, the Tamil remake of “Blind”, equally refreshing as it features Nayanthara in the lead role. “Netrikann” is a movie that completely rests on her shoulders and she doesn’t disappoint the audiences, whereas, she this became a milestone of her career.

The film starts with the scene of Durga played by Nayanthara as a CBI officer who is seen walking into a pub and dragging her brother out. Then, she cuffs him to the passenger seat of her car and drives back home with him. Amidst traveling, an altercation leads to an accident in which her brother gets killed and Durga loses her vision. As the protagonist Durga tried to live with the guilt of her brother’s death and coming to terms with her disability, she must encounter a serial killer with only her intelligence at her disposal, before he preys on more young women.
“Netrikann” film is long drawn with a needless back-story to explain the actions of the antagonists.  Manikandan essayed a supporting character and gets a meaty part and he makes the most of it. However, the remaining of the star cast has very little to contribute but that goes according to the story. Reportedly, “Netrikann” is one of those safe remakes that worked because it didn’t try to tamper much with the soul of the original.

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