Mahesh Babu Birthday Special: Telugu Superstar Reflects On The Year That Was

As Mahesh Babu turns a year older today, here is what the Telugu Superstar has to say about the last year spent fighting with the pandemic, his releases and message to fans

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Mahesh Babu Birthday Special:  Telugu Superstar Reflects On The Year That Was
The past year has not been easy on anyone. How do you look back on it?
It’s been a time to reflect and learn about many things.It has also been a blessing in disguise because I have got to spend quality time with my family my father, my wife and two children which I would not have got otherwise, given my work schedules and the kids’ school timings.

I know. But still, to be cooped up together for so long isn’t the easiest of situations to be in, right?
I know. It’s not been easy for any of us. But all in all it’s been good for me. It was a break none of us expected and I’ve tried to make the most of it.

And are you optimistic about the coming months?
I’m a very positive person and I only look at the situation with the hope that things will only get better if we all follow the protocols and guidelines given by our authorities. Also the vaccines are a big confidence booster for us and I really hope that our country and the rest of the world is vaccinated in order to go back to our normal lives soon.

Do you see your next release Sarkaru Vaari Paata making it into the theatres?
Yes it will make it to the theatres this Sankranthi Jan 13th. I am confident about that. We’ve all suffered enough. We need a break. My films are made for the big screen and that I will never take away from my fans !! I respect the OTT platform. But that is a separate entity. It’s the movie theatres where I meet my fans. We have a pact.

The pandemic gave you a chance to spend a lot of time with your family. Do you feel this time of isolation was a blessing in disguise?
My family has been my balancing board and my strength even before the pandemic started. I’ve had absolute undivided attention from all them for so long and it’s been good , a blessing in disguise as you call it ! In these last year and a half my son Gautham and my daughter Sitara have grown up so much. They are wise and mature, much more than I was at their age.

Tell me about your forthcoming films?
I have Sarkaar Vaaru Paata coming in January followed by a film by Trivikram Srinivas for the upcoming year. Followed by Rajamouli Garu’s film.

What is your advice to your fans?
I’d just like to say to all those reading this that this has been a difficult time for all of us and we are all in this together. We will come out stronger and we will win this fight together if we follow the guidelines of our authorities . Please wear a mask at all times. We have to always remember that we’re going to have to learn to live with this new virus in a way where we are all safe .We have to protect our loved ones from the virus in any way we can. The virus isn’t going away anytime soon.

Your message to your fans?
I want to say I love my fans and thank you for always showering me with so much love like they always have . I am always very grateful! Get vaccinated, is a very important message I want to give all my fans . It’s our only hope to get back to a normal life.

Image source: instagram/urstrulymahesh/SpotboyE