‘Yes! We Wear Bras & We Have Breasts’, Says TV Actress Rytasha Rathore From Badho Bahu

This is what Badho Bahu actress, Rytasha Rathore has to tell all those who judge women and embarrass them with creepy looks...

A latest track in &TV’s show, Badho Bahu shows the lead actress Rytasha Rathore wrestling amidst which her kameez tears from behind, exposing her bra strap. She gets shamed for the same by people around but her on-screen in-laws stand up for her.

Referring to the show’s on-going track, Rytasha has penned a post where she has spoken about the narrow thinking people have towards women and their physicality. This what it reads as: 

“The latest drama on my show is that while wrestling Badho's kameez tears from behind and her bra strap is exposed.

All the forces of evil try to punish her, shame her - but she's lucky enough to have very progressive onscreen in laws. This is what I love about my show. We're pushing the envelope in these little ways. I'd love for more producers and actors to make content that our society needs. To tell stories that will help to uplift this entire country. To widen the narrow minds. To question the norm. To move ahead with the times. 

rytasha in badho bahu
Rytasha Rathore In Badho Bahu

So her kameez tore and her bra strap was exposed. So what? Let's normalise these things.

No shame in it yaar. YES WE WEAR BRAS! And YES WE HAVE BREASTS. They contain mammary glands - essential in providing nutrition to new born infants. Other than being aesthetically pleasing they serve a very important function. And yes they sometimes need a bra to support them through the day. Bra straps will peek out of our blouses... and that's okay. It's not a shameful thing - don't whisper it to me like I should be embarrassed. Theek hain yaar, aurat hoon, boobs hain, bra pehenti hoon - thoda dikh gaya toh kya? Tharki nazron se mat dekho yaar. Ya dekhna hai toh ghoor ke mat dekho. Be thoda decent guys, learn to respect women. Learn to respect our bodies, our sexuality - but don't make everything about that. Anyway too much gyaan is happening, so imma stop. And I offer you an awkward, boobfull, low light selfie. To prove my point. To normalise all this shizz. Okay peace out now I'm off to bed.

Image Source: instagram/rytash