Aansh Arora Is Scared To Step Out Of His House; Accuses Ghaziabad Police Of Threatening Him- Watch Video

Television actor Aansh Arora has now shared a footage with SpotboyE.com in which he has accused the Ghaziabad police of threatening to trap him in a fake case

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Aansh Arora Is Scared To Step Out Of His House; Accuses Ghaziabad Police Of Threatening Him- Watch Video
Here’s a fresh development on TV actor Aansh Arora’s Ghaziabad Store controversy. Now, the actor has shared a video revealing another harsh truth against Ghaziabad police. Aansh shared the video with SpotboyE.com wherein he said that the police has been pressurizing him to take his case back that he has filed against them by torturing with third degree.

“They have also asked me to not go in the media and I am feeling afraid as they may trap me into in any other false case. Due to this, I am very disturbed and not even stepping out of my house. I really request you to come and help me in this.”

On the other hand, the Ghaziabad Police put up their version on Twitter. Have a look at the video below:
For those who have come in late, TV actor Aansh Arora lost his cool at a Ghaziabad Convenience Store and we even brought you the leaked CCTV footage. In the video, we can see Aansh getting violent and breaking things around, damaging the shop's property.

Then yesterday, we brought you the detailed chat of both the parties exclusively. Renu from Society General Store told us, "I have joined only a couple of days back, but from what I hear from my colleagues is that they think that Mr Aansh Arora was drunk. We don't keep anybody waiting for a Hot Dog for more than 10-15 minutes." The lady was responding to Aansh's charges that he had asked the order to be cancelled after he was told that he would have to wait for long. Renu then told us that we should speak to Karan, their store manager, who is wearing a blue shirt in the videos and Aansh is being very pushy with him.

When contacted, Karan was reluctant to speak even off record, saying that his job did not allow him to talk about it. After hearing what Renu had told us, he said, "Well, you know the real story." And then, suddenly said, without telling us that we should keep it off record, "I can't say if Mr Aansh was drunk but he went off the hook despite we cancelling his order and returning the payment. Actually, he looked quite upset ever since he entered."

To do a 360 on the story, we then called up Aansh who said that he is still in Ghaziabad. Talking to SpotboyE.com, he said, "The store is lying. I was not drunk as I don't consume alcohol. And who is the Society Convenience Store to judge whether I was upset. Come on, they want me to enter the story singing and dancing?

So yeah, let me tell you that it is just that I asked for cancelling the Hot Dog which my brother had ordered (Aansh was accompanied by his brother) as I was told that it would take long- but in turn, I was abused by a store guy in a filthy manner. When I objected to the gaali, I was hurled with attitude at me. And then, yes I did what I did."


"But wait till you hear this. The next day, I went to pay them for their losses which I had inflicted them with. In turn, the cops which were waiting outside their shop arrested me, took me to the police station and tortured me badly. I was hit by a leather belt and lots more. My brother was also kept with me, he was tortured less though. If I was not aware of what I had done and didn't want to sort it out, would I have gone to their shop the next again?

"Anyway, now I have posted a letter to PM Narendra Modi and Uttar Pradesh CM, Yogi Adityanath to complain against the torture. I didn't deserve to be treated like a criminal by the police."

Image Source:- Instagram/aansh099