Anita Hassanandani Body Shamed! Hubby Goes After Trolls, Ekta Kapoor Has Something To Say Too..

Naagin 3 hottie Anita Hassanandani was body shamed and age shamed on social media recently. Her husband Rohit Reddy did not take kindly to trolls and shut them down with a powerful Insta post. Anita’s Naagin 3 producer also joined in…

The stunning Anita Hassanandani’s hubby Rohit Reddy is on a rampage demolishing trolls! They came after his wife, the Naagin 3 star, and he went after them – totally like a boss.

“My look, when i come across some body-shaming comments on my wifey! “While u r talking abt her broad waist... i am just stuck here wondering about that narrow mind of urs, b*^#*!,” reads his powerful post.

Wow! That’s fierce. Not just Anita’s husband, her Naagin 3 producer, TV czarina Ekta Kapoor too had something to say. Replying directly to Rohit’s Instagram post, the Balaji head honcho wrote, “If she has a broad waist wat will mine b!!! ”.

Ekta Kapoor And Anita Hassanandani

Anita has been in the TV industry for almost a decade now. She is popular for her character Shagun in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, and she currently is a part of Ekta Kapoor’s high TRP raking supernatural series, Naagin 3.