Anupama SPOILER ALERT 9th July 2024: Vanraj Gets Shocked Seeing Baa And Babuji Working In Old Age Home; Anu Pleads With Them To Return Home

In the upcoming episode of Anupama, Anu will call Vanraj and Anuj to an old age home and they will see Baa and Babuji working there

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Anupama SPOILER ALERT 9th July 2024: Vanraj Gets Shocked Seeing Baa And Babuji Working In Old Age Home; Anu Pleads With Them To Return Home
Today’s episode starts with Babuji telling Anupama and Vanraj that they haven’t left home. He tells them that their senior citizen group decided to go on Chaar Dham yatra, so they decided to go with them without telling anyone in the morning. Anu demands that they return back home, however, Babuji dismisses her and says that they can’t return. Babuji tells her that they will return after the yatra ends and cuts the call. As the Shah family discusses Baa and Babuji’s decision to leave, Vanraj tells everyone that his parents won’t leave him. 

On the other hand, Baa tells Babuji that Anupama will never believe what he told her. He tells her that he can’t see his family being broken in front of him. He expresses that Vanraj should have taken the decision to break the house after their death, as they see that house as a temple. Back at the Shah house, Anu declares that she is going to find Baa and Babuji, and Vanraj starts questioning her. He tells her to sign the NOC and she tells him that she will do so after Baa and Babuji return home. As Anuj goes to follow Anu on her quest to find Baa and Babuji, Kavya suggests that he should stay behind with Aadhya and that Vanraj and Toshu should go with Anu. ALSO READ: Anupama SPOILER ALERT 8th July 2024: Shah Family Is Distraught As Baa-Babuji Leave Home; Kavya Demands Mahi's Share From Vanraj

Vanraj dismisses it by stating that Anu is just finding excuses not to find sign the NOC. Toshu and Pakhi start talking bad about the mother. As Anu rushes to a park to find Baa and Babuji, Pakhi and Toshu instigate Vanraj against Anupamaa. She meets Baa and Babuji’s friend and realises that there was no chaar dhaam yatra. While Toshu and Pakhi convince Vanraj to submit the cheque, Dimpy comes there and lets him know that she wants Ansh’s share. Vanraj tells her that Samar’s share will be given to Ansh. As Anuj and Aadhya are in a heated conversation, he gets a shocking call and rushes to Vanraj. ALSO READ: Anupama SPOILER ALERT 5th July 2024: Titu Cooks Breakfast For Shah Family; Anu Tells Yashdeep She Won’t Be Coming Back To America

The duo reach an old age home where Anu is waiting for them. There they see a guy telling Baa and Babuji that they will have to work if they want to stay at an old age home. He instructs them to make papads. This shocks Vanraj as he falls to their feet. He tells them that they should have beaten him if they were upset with him, instead of leaving home. Babuji tells him that the house, which was just a property for him, was a temple for them. 

If reports are to be believed, in the upcoming track of the show it will be seen that Anu will get hurt while trying to save Aadhya from committing suicide. Everyone will believe that Anu is dead, leaving Anuj devastated. Not being able to bear Anu’s loss, he will be sent to a rehabilitation center to recover. Well, it seems like fans will be in for a rollercoaster ride of drama in the upcoming episodes of the show as they have been awaiting MaAn’s reunion for a long time now. As per the new promo of the show, Anu will start a new life and run an old-age home.  
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