Anupama SPOILER ALERT 5th July 2024: Titu Cooks Breakfast For Shah Family; Anu Tells Yashdeep She Won’t Be Coming Back To America

Anupama’s upcoming episode will see Anu getting her Super Chef Trophy back, however she refuses to go back to America and decides to say in India

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Anupama SPOILER ALERT 5th July 2024: Titu Cooks Breakfast For Shah Family; Anu Tells Yashdeep She Won’t Be Coming Back To America
Star Plus’ television serial Anupama has been raking in all the love from audiences ever since it started airing in 2020. Starring Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna, Aurra Bhatnagar, Sudhanshu Pandey, and others, the show has been topping the TRP charts for a long time. In the previous episodes of the show, it was seen that despite Vanraj anger and disapproval, Dimpy marries Tapish. The Shah family welcomes Tapish in their home with open arms. On the other hand, Aadhya gets angered seeing Anuj and Anu stealing glances at each other during the wedding.


In today’s episode, Dimpy will apologise to Titu for not decorating their room. He will dismiss her worries after remembering the days that he spent in hotels. He will state how he is happy just having Ansh and Dimpy in his life. While he and Dimpy are hugging, Ansh will come to their room. Titu and Ansh will engage in pillow fight. The next day, Titu will help Ansh get ready for school, Dimpy will feel loved watching it. As a means to impress the Shah family, he will cook a delicious breakfast for everyone. ALSO READ: Anupama SPOILER ALERT 4th July 2024: Anu Rejects Anuj’s Marriage Proposal Because Of Aadhya; He Promises To Return For Her

Everyone enjoys the breakfast and Vanraj tells Ansh that he will drop hom off at school, but the kid refuses to go with him. On the other hand, it is seen the Anupama gets surprised seeing that George is giving the Super Chef trophy back to her. This makes her extremely happy. The Shah family celebrates the special moment with her. Yashdeep asks Anu to comeback to the US which leaves Aadhya shocked. Anu gives Yashdeep her trophy and informs him that she will not be returning back. When Biji asks the reason behind her decision, Anu tells her that there is nothing left for her in US. Anuj gets hurt hearing this. ALSO READ: Gaurav Khanna’s SHOCKING Transformation Leaves Anupama Fans Worried; Actor’s ‘Beggar Look’ Raises Questions

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Aadhya tells Anuj that it is time for them to return back to America. She expresses that even though she doesn’t know what Shruti and him have decided about their marriage, for her it was broken because of Anupama. Anu tells Anuj that they can’t reunite when he asks her to be with him because Aadhya doesn’t want it to happen. As Anuj leaves, he promises that he will be back for her soon. 

If reports are to be believed, in the upcoming track of the show it will be seen that Anu will get hurt while trying to save Aadhya from committing suicide. Everyone will believe that Anu is dead, leaving Anuj devastated. Not being able to bear Anu’s loss, he will be sent to a rehabilitation center to recover. Well, it seems like fans will be in for a rollercoaster ride of drama in the upcoming episodes of the show as they have been awaiting MaAn’s reunion for a long time now. As per the new promo of the show, Anu will start a new life and run an oldage home. 
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