Anupamaa: Jaswir Kaur Talks About Being Like Her Onscreen Character, Devika In Real Life Too

Jaswir Kaur who plays Devika, a loyal and supportive friend in the show, Anupamaa, shares while people want a friend like Devika, no one wants to be Devika for others

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Anupamaa: Jaswir Kaur Talks About Being Like Her Onscreen Character, Devika In Real Life Too
Jaswir Kaur has been winning hearts with her performance in Anupamaa. The actress plays Devika, Anupamaa’s (Rupali Ganguly) onscreen friend who is a loyal and huge support to her. As reported in ETimes TV, when the actress revealed she did not audition for the role, the makers thought she was a perfect fit for it. The actress shared a few days ago Rupali shared a link with her that showed how much her onscreen character, Devika is loved by the audience.

Jaswir said, “I did not audition for Devika's role. The makers felt that I would be ideal for it and I am happy that I could justify the role in Anupamaa. A few days ago, Rupali Ganguly sent me a link showing how the masses had connected with Devika's role and that was motivating.” While Jaswir share everyone wants a friend like her onscreen character in life, they do not want to be the one for someone else.

She says, “Whenever I meet people, they tell me that they also need someone like Devika, who is a pillar of support and gives the right advice to her friend Anupamaa, in real life.” Resonating with the character she plays onscreen, she said, “I have been like Devika to so many of my friends. I have helped and advised my friends who went through a bad marriage. People should come out of the victim syndrome and become a 'Devika' for their friends. If you seek a good friend, then you should become one too.”

The actress’ husband Vishal Madlani too feels she is a lot like her onscreen character in her real life too. “A few days ago, there was a dialogue in the show about how Devika herself went through a lot and stopped caring about what people would say. My husband Vishal (Madlani) saw the episode and reminded me how it resonated with me in real life, too. He felt that Devika and Jaswir are similar in nature. I am lucky to have bagged this role,” Jaswir added. ALSO READ: Anupamaa SPOILER ALERT: A Furious Vanraj Removes Anupamaa’s Dishes From His Cafe; Challenges Anuj For Arm Wrestling

While Jaswir is winning hearts in Anupamaa, she is sad as her yet another show, Shakti recently pulled the curtains. Speaking about Shakti being wrapped up, she said, “It is sad when a show wraps up. I remember how I had spoken to Gouri Tonnk when I replaced her in the show. After Kamya Panjabi’s role, it was considered to be a strong role. Kamya and I have been friends for over 22 years and it was a beautiful journey of exploring each other's talent and discussing scenes in the show. I thoroughly enjoyed playing Parmeet.”

Then actress when asked what keeps her going, she replied, “I believe in sending positive vibes to the world. It is important to be strong, brave and look for good opportunities.” ALSO READ: Anupamaa And Arjun Kapadia Aka Rupali Ganguly And Gaurav Khanna Recreate 'Bachpan Ka Pyaar' Song And Showcase Their Cute Chemistry-WATCH Video

She too added being open to web shows, provided the show doesn’t want her to perform intimate scenes or wear skimpy clothes. “I am open to doing web shows, but only if they don't ask me to do intimate scenes or wear skimpy clothes. I am not comfortable with that. Otherwise, I am enjoying life with my daughter and husband, and look forward to new opportunities,” added the actress. ALSO READ: Anupamaa Actress Rupali Ganguly’s Version Of ‘Jai Jai Shiv Shankar’ Is Winning The Internet-WATCH

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