Anupamaa Shocking SPOILER: Choti Anu To Bond With Barkha And Ankush, As They Worry About Dimple’s Safety

Choti Anu will offer Barka and Ankush special chocolates as they worry about Anupamaa and Dimple’s safety

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Anupamaa Shocking SPOILER: Choti Anu To Bond With Barkha And Ankush, As They Worry About Dimple’s Safety
Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer Anupamaa is one of the most loved television serials in India. It is the way the makers handle social issues without making a fuss, as well as the chemistry between the leads, that has kept audiences entertained for a long time. The current track focuses on Anupamaa, Dimple and Anuj fighting the goon that harassed them and Pakhi playing mind-games on her father and grandmother.

In previous episodes, the goons tried to scare Dimple and Anupamaa by claiming that there were no cops nearby to save them, to which Anu replies that he should be scared, not them. When Anu returns to the Shah house with a scared Dimple, Pakhi manipulates her father Vanraj and grandmother Leela by telling them that she will be an easy target for the goons to harass as she is related to her mother. Vanraj, in a fit of rage, will announce that the Kapadia family is banned from coming to his house. ALSO READ: Rupali Ganguly-Gaurav Khanna’s Action-Packed Sequence In Anupamaa Leaves Fans IMPRESSED! Netizens Weep At The Upcoming Twist- TWEETS

It was also seen that Barkha was worried for Anupamaa and Dimple’s safety. She talks about her worries with her husband, Ankush, who assures her that they will be fine. Barka questions why Anupamaa has gone to the Shah house, amidst their conversation, Anupamaa and Anuj’s daughter Anu will be seen distributing chocolates. ALSO READ: Muskan Bamne On Playing Pakhi In Anupamaa: ‘If I Ever Meet Pakhi In Reality I Would Love To Slap Her'

Anu offers the couple special chocolates and asks them not to worry about anything. Barkha proceeds to scoop her onto her lap and hug her tightly. She gets showered with love by her aunt and uncle. In previous episodes, it was seen that Barkha wasn’t very fond of Choti Anu as she was adopted, but it seems like her innocence has broken Barkha’s tough and cold exterior.

According to Telly Chakkar, in the upcoming episodes Pakhi will get assaulted by the goons. Vanraj will blame Anupamaa for everything and, in the heat of the moment, raise his hand on her.

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