Anupamaa: Top Show Faces Backlash As Paritosh Calls Extra Marital Affair ‘Normal’ Due To Kinjal’s Pregnancy; Trolls Say ‘This Is The Worst Show’

Anupamaa faced brutal criticism on Twitter as Paritosh cheated on her wife Kinjal due to her pregnancy and termed extramarital affairs ‘normal’

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Anupamaa: Top Show Faces Backlash As Paritosh Calls Extra Marital Affair ‘Normal’ Due To Kinjal’s Pregnancy; Trolls Say ‘This Is The Worst Show’
Anupamaa is one such television show that has been topping TRP charts since it aired on Star Plus. Its loyal fans make sure to not miss a single episode and even watch on repeat. The show has garnered a lot of adulation for the story of Anupamaa becoming an independent woman, however with the latest track, the show has received a lot of backlash on social media.

As per the last narrative, Kinjal has given birth to a beautiful baby girl and the Shah family is beaming with happiness. On the other hand, Rakhi Dave has caught Paritosh cheating on her daughter Kijal. She found out that Parishtosh had an extramarital affair. Rakhi threatens Toshu about his wrongdoings and gives him another chance. She even threatens to tell about Toshu’s wrongdoings to Anupamaa. 

Meanwhile, Anupamaa senses something is wrong between Rakhi and Toshu. Anupamaa even asks Toshu to tell her the truth, but he dodges her question.

In the upcoming episode, Kinjal and her newborn will be discharged from the hospital. Rakhi, Toshu and Vanraj have gone to the hospital to receive Kinjal and the baby home. Rakhi shocks them by saying that she will take Kinjal to her home instead of Shah's house. However, they reach Shah's house and everyone including Anupamaa and family is awaiting their arrival to welcome the baby.

As per the new promo launched by the makers, Rakhi reveals Toshu’s extramarital affair in front of the Shah family and they are in shock. He even agreed and said that as Kinjal was pregnant she got attached to another girl, which is normal. When Vanraj tries to make Toshu understand his mistake but the latter lashes out at his father and taunts him that he also cheated on his mother. Hearing Anupamaa loses his cool and slaps Toshu. She even got worried about Kinjal and her baby.

This new promo has received major backlash from netizens on Twitter. One of them wrote, “In my opinion , this is the worst show, I don’t why it’s being given such high hypes and TRPs. It has the worst social messages and the worst nonsense and that too in a so called “ family show”” and another one wrote, “Kya wrong msg dete ho ap society ko pehle ap ka show #Anupamaa vadhiya c lekin ab sab sey ghatiya hai.”. One troll wrote, “Anupama should’ve just said like father like son #Anupama” and another one wrote, “If you wanna to know how a woman should not be then watch #Anupamaa. This show lost its charm”

Well, one thing is clear; the upcoming episodes have high-voltage drama, twists, and turns in store for the audience.

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