Anupamaa Trends On Twitter, As She Consoles A Crying Anuj, Fans Get #MaAn Trending On Twitter

#MaAn trends on Twitter, as fans of the popular TV show, Anupamaa witness an emotional scene featuring Anuj breaking down in her Anu’s lap

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Anupamaa Trends On Twitter, As She Consoles A Crying Anuj, Fans Get #MaAn Trending On Twitter
Fans of the popular TV show, Anupamaa never fall short of the entertainment. The makers constantly keep the audience on a hook with interesting twists. Makers have already planned a high point in the upcoming episode. The episode will have Anuj Kapadia having a meltdown, followed by requiring Anupamaa’s help. So far, Anuj was seen as a rock-solid person, but so many things happening in the past, has left Anuj in a vulnerable situation. As the makers unveiled this upcoming high point on the show, fans got it trending on the social media platform.

The micro-blogging site, saw #Anupamaa and #MaAn trending on Twitter. The picture which has been the hot topic of discussion has Anupamaa being emotional, while Anuj breaks down, resting his head on her lap. Just to give a quick recap, after Anuj unveiled Malvika being his sister, it left Anupamaa shocked as he never mentioned about her. Anupamaa thinks now that Anuj has his sister by his side, he won’t need her, also Malvika won’t appreciate her presence in their lives. But Anuj gets emotional who sees Anupamaa and asks her for not being around.  

He asks for forgiveness for breaking her trust, but he mentions he did not do it intentionally. Followed by fans getting #MaAn fans trending on Twitter, stating Anuj crying by putting his head in Anupamaa’s lap is the best scene. Check out the fans’ Tweets below- 

With all this going on, what do you think will happen? Will Malvika get Anupamaa –Anuj closer or will her presence drift them apart? ALSO READ: Anupamaa SPOILER ALERT: Anuj Cries As He Apologises To Anu For Not Telling Her Anything About Malvika

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