Are You Sure What You’ve Done Is Right, Deepshikha? We Are Concerned

Deepshikha Nagpal’s reconciliation with Kaishav Arora warrants an open letter from me, a well-wisher

Television actress Deepshikha Nagpal recently got back with her former husband, Kaishav Arora, whom she married in 2012 and divorced earlier this year, claiming that they are ‘karmically connected’ and cannot live without each other (Deepshikha Nagpal And Former Husband Kaishav Arora Are Back Together, Nov 10). While it’s alright for someone to get back with a former lover/husband, what was difficult to digest in her case was the fact that Kaishav was the same man she had branded ‘sick’, ‘manipulative’, ‘psycho’, ‘abusive’, ‘cheater’, ‘ass**le’ and had also gone on to file a police complaint against him (in March this year) stating that she couldn’t take physical abuse at the hands of her husband. Did those memories/emotions vanish in a matter of months? Or did she get up from the wrong (or right, we don’t know) side of the bed and decide that it’s time for a male companion?

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Flashback to the time when she divorced her first husband, Jeet Upendra -- also an actor – after 10 years of marriage. Reports suggested that Deepshikha and Jeet had constant fights because of which they separated once. They got back together again and their daughter, Vidhika, was born. A couple of months after Vidhika’s birth, cracks started appearing again and the couple filed for divorce. They then decided to give marriage another shot but as luck would have it, they started fighting again and by this time she gave birth to her son, Vivaan. But reportedly during this time, Deepshikha finally filed for divorce and the marriage ended on the rocky road.

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Soon after, the actress began working on the script for Yeh Dooriyan, which revolves around a divorced woman with two kids falling in love again with a much young bachelor model. The film featured Kaishav opposite Deepshikha and as you would have already guessed, reel turned into real; the two fell in love and eventually tied the knot.

From the looks of it, the popular TV actress is following a pattern. If we were to talk of the monetary aspect, Deepshikha is financially independent, has a strong support system (parents, friends) and doesn’t need anyone to fall back on. So why the compromise?

Or did the stigma associated with being a divorcee and a single mother push her into taking this decision? Ummm...We wish you the best Deepshikha and hope that life takes an upswing from here, but at the moment, we are nothing but concerned. 

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