This Certain Gentleman Demanded A Whopping Rs 4 Crore For Just One Episode Of An Upcoming TV Show

While superstars come with a heavy price tag, this certain gentleman demanded a whopping Rs 4 crore for just one episode of an upcoming TV show. Big number, we say

Come Saturday and Ram Kapoor starrer Comedy High School will hit your TV screens (Discovery JEET). The promos are on-air and Salman Khan is gracing the premiere episode of the non-fiction show.

ram kapoor paritosh tripathi and the producers of comedy high school
Ram Kapoor, Paritosh Tripathi And The Producers Of Comedy High School

Excited right?

However, let us tell you that getting him on board for the first episode was not easy.

ram kapoor and salman khan cheering for the performances
Ram Kapoor And Salman Khan Cheering For The Performances

A source told, “Salman quoted a price of Rs 4 crore for shooting the episode which is a huge amount. However, the makers were keen on a grand launch for the show and thus agreed to shell out the amount.”

salman khan poses for the shutterbugs
Salman Khan Poses For The Shutterbugs

To talk of the concept of the show, it will have one celebrity guest for every episode and unlike other comedy shows where stars usually watch the cast perform, the star will be a part of proceedings.

In the first episode, Salman Khan will turn up at the school as himself. Ram Kapoor plays the principal and has a bunch of seasoned actors playing his staff members. They are on a mission to impress Salman so that he gives a substantial donation to the institution.

Furthermore, the superstar will recreate iconic songs such as Didi Tera Devar Deewana and Kabootar Jaa Jaa with the students of the show and we are sure his antics will leave you in splits.

madhuri dixit and salman khan in hum aapke hai kaun
Madhuri Dixit And Salman Khan In Hum Aapke Hai Kaun

Adds the source, “Salman shot for the episode in question on January 31. He came on-set at 4 pm at SJ Studios (Sakinaka) and shot till 10:30 pm.

salman khan having a blast
Salman Khan Having A Blast

Talking about Salman being the first guest, Ram Kapoor said "Salman Khan came in as himself, however, instead of a sit down interview, he was involved with the cast. The comedy happens around 'Salman Khan aaya hai school mein'. 
The fact that celebrities are part of our performances is fresh.”

ram kapoor is all smiles
Ram Kapoor Is All Smiles

After the superstar, you will see Sunny Leone playing the prospective bride for Ram Kapoor. Anu Malik and Baba Sehgal will also make an appearance on the show and they will come as musical legends, who are going to teach music to the students.

Ram Kapoor, who has till now been part of family dramas on television, will be seen dabbling in comedy for the first time.

salman khan and ram kapoor rofl moments
Salman Khan And Ram Kapoor's Rofl Moments

Image Source: APH Images & youtube/rajshri