Benafsha Soonawalla Gets Trolled For Ramp Walk, Hina Khan Comes To Her Rescue

Bigg Boss 11 contestant Benafsha Soonawalla was trolled for the way she walked the ramp at a recently-concluded Fashion Week. But Hina Khan defended her and asked netizens to stop spreading negativity

Benafsha Soonawalla, who made headlines for her budding romance inside the house with Priyank Sharma, recently walked the ramp for a fashion show.

Benfasha took to her social media and shared some pictures from the ramp walk on social media. She captioned the pictures, “Showstopper for my babies @pinkysheshankbagadia @sheshank_eyecandy @eyecandybyps at Bombay Times Fashion Week @bombaytimes @timesfashionweek Makeup-  @makeupbyvedikaHair- @rupesh_pailkar Team- @jeanclaudebiguineindia Photography- @amitagarwalphotography AREYYY KOI TOH ROK LOO😍 Sometimes I look at myself and wonder. There’s fire in the soul, and so much of it, that it just doesn’t burn out. No matter what I do, no matter where I go, no matter who says what. It doesn’t burn out. It’s the fire. All the energy and slaying comes from that fire. Well, good for me!”

While the VJ was rather animated on the ramp, netizen didn’t waste a minute approve. They had a field day trolling Benafsha.

A troll read, “WHY ARE YOU SUCHA WANNABE? I tried not to get irritated but your walk literally spoiled the dress. Such an attention seeker everywhere!”

Angry with trolls, Hina Khan jumped in and defended Benafsha.

Hina Khan tweeted saying, “I want to see YOU walking the ramp once.. let’s see how good will your walk be.. what if it’s her debut..or what if she’s super excited.. why why calling names why spreading negativity.. why #disappointed it’s not always necessary to react the same way someone reacted #peaceout”

Benafsha also tweeted and asked everyone to get over the Bigg Boss hate:

“And man you guys have got to get over the Bigg Boss hate. When y’all started hating I felt bad for myself. Now I feel bad for y’all. Right now I’m listening to “na tum Jaano na hum” and having pizza. Life’s good ya. Chill maaro. Power to y’all. Bye.”

There was a time when Benafsha wanted to slap Hina for her statements she made on national television. But now, looks like the two have decided to let bygones be bygones.

It’s heartening to see Hina Khan stand up for Benafsha.

Anyway, more power to you Ben!

Images Source: instagram/benafshasoonawalla, instagram/big-bosss-12