Bharti Singh Opens Up On Her Pregnancy Cravings; 'I Really Crave To Eat Vada Pav A Lot And Cold Drink'

In a recent interview, Bharti Singh opened up about her pregnancy cravings and more

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Bharti Singh Opens Up On Her Pregnancy Cravings; 'I Really Crave To Eat Vada Pav A Lot And Cold Drink'
Bharti Singh is expecting her first child with hubby Harsh Limbachiyaa. The comedian shared that she is eating healthy and doing yoga. She also shared that she's working out and following all the instructions given by her doctor so that she can have a normal delivery. She added she is scared of the rising covid cases and is worried how she'll take care of herself if lockdown is announced.

She told, "I have been waking up early in the morning. I go for walk, and then I eat soaked almonds and something healthy for my breakfast like sprouts or something green with lots of fruits and juice. Later in lunch, I eat bajra, jawar, corn ki rotis, I try to eat as healthy as I can. I don't rely on anyone to give me food on time. I make sure that I myself do it as right now the person who can take the best care of me is 'me'."

Talking about her cravings, Bharti said, "I really crave to eat vada pav a lot. I can eat vada pav three times a day with lasoon ki chutney and one cold drink. I know cold drink is not allowed at this time (bacha kala hojayega na)" She added that she doesn't care about the colour or gender of the baby, 'bas healthy baby ho.' ALSO READ:Mom-To-Be Bharti Singh Has A Witty Reply To Queries About Her Delivery Date, Jokes ‘We Have A Midwife In Our Midst?’

Bharti also went on to say that she is scared of rising Covid cases. "I always think that what will happen if lockdown will be announced. Without any house help, I will go mad. Mai akeli kaise karungi ghar ka kaam, bahar ka aam aur upar se ye pregnancy," said Bharti.

The comedian revealed that currently she has taken a break. "Sometimes I feel a lot of suffocation, sometimes I really don't understand my feelings. Pregnancy is really tough but at the same time, I am enjoying this phase," said Bharti.

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