Bharti Singh SLAMS All The Trolls That Body-Shamed Her Comedian Reacts On Being Called 'Gendi'

Bharti Singh opens up about being body shamed on social media, actress reacts being called 'Gendi'

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Bharti Singh SLAMS All The Trolls That Body-Shamed Her Comedian Reacts On Being Called 'Gendi'
Bharti Singh, the renowned comedian, never misses an opportunity to leave her audience in stitches with her impeccable punchlines. She has gained significant popularity through her performances on various comedy shows and has won the hearts of fans with her exceptional hosting skills. Bharti also keeps her fans engaged by sharing glimpses of her daily life through her YouTube vlogs. In her personal life, she is married to Haarsh Limbachiyaa, and together they have an adorable baby boy named Laksh, affectionately known as Golla. ALSO READ: Bharti Singh Breaks Down In Tears As Priest Shaves Son Laksh’s Hair During Mundan Ceremony; Video Rurfaces Internet 

Recently, Bharti addressed the mean comments she receives about her weight in one of her vlogs. She revealed that whenever she posts photos, people often leave derogatory comments, calling her names like 'Panda' or 'Gendi.' However, Bharti takes these comments in stride, finding them endearing rather than offensive. She mentioned, "Main jab koi sundar si photo daalti hoon toh mujhe comments aate hain 'Panda, Gendi', but I find them very cute." Bharti emphasized that she is unaffected by these comments and does not let them impact her self-esteem. She humorously noted that she understands the mindset of those who leave such comments, suggesting that they probably have nothing better to do in life. She said, "I don’t care what people write and I’m unaffected by these comments. I can understand the mindset of people who are writing it because they are not able to go to Lokhandwala and we going places. They are not doing anything in life." ALSO READ: ‘So Many People Get Heart Attacks’: Bharti Singh-Haarsh Limbachiyya Open Up About Television’s Unhealthy Work Environment  

Bharti also discussed her experience with body-shaming on Malaika Arora's show, "Moving In With Malaika." She shared that people had body-shamed her even during her Roka ceremony with Haarsh, calling her 'haathi' (elephant) and Haarsh 'cheetah' (leopard) instead of offering congratulations. Despite this, Bharti maintains a light-hearted attitude towards such comments. In another interview, she stated that she does not take these remarks to heart. She explained that her weight gain was a personal choice, and she feels no need to defend herself against such criticism. Bharti firmly believes that no mean comment can alter how she feels about herself.

Overall, Bharti Singh's resilience and positive attitude in the face of negativity are truly inspiring. She continues to focus on her career and family, undeterred by the harsh words of others. Her ability to laugh off such comments and not let them affect her speaks volumes about her strength and self-confidence. As a public figure, Bharti sets an example of how to handle criticism with grace and humor, proving that self-worth comes from within and is not defined by the opinions of others.

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