Bigg Boss 10, Day 45: Will Priyanka Jagga Replace Rohan As The Captain?

We tell you what will happen in tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 10. With Rohan Mehra no longer eligible to be a captain EVER in the house, Priyanka has a privilege over the others to upstage him. Besides, this weeks’ Captaincy Task is surely testing the friendships of the contestants.

Bigg Boss introduces this weeks’ Luxury Budget Task - Jab Tak Tumhare Pair Chalenge. This task gives the power of the house in the hands of the nominated contestants – VJ Bani, Rahul Dev, Elena Kazan and Jason Shah. 


The house wakes up in a state of shock to find no water supply in the kitchen or washroom. Seeing their despair, Bigg Boss reveals the luxury budget task. In this task, access to basic necessities like water, gas, sleep as well as admission to the luggage room are restricted.


The only way through which they can get what they need is, if the challengers help them. Confused right? Well, the game here is that two challengers have to continuously peddle a double seat bicycle for the contestants to get their necessities, utilities as well as sleep.

The minute they stop the peddling, the supply to the house stops as well. Priyanka Jagga is appointed the monitor. Her benefit if, the task is completed smoothly, is that she will get a chance to fight for coveted position as house captain.




Towards end of day, Bani gets frustrated and refuses to continue peddling any longer. She justifies saying that none of the others in the house have done anything for her and so why should she help them. The moment she stops, the lights switch on and the alarms sound waking up the entire house.





Bigg Boss also announces the start of the week’s Captaincy Task - Gayi captaincy pani mein. Rohan Mehra is exempted from participating in this and all henceforth all captaincy task owing to him not being able to manage the house during his tenure. We are sure he is feeling terrible, but no use crying over spilt milk.


For captaincy, each housemate is given a test tube containing a liquid, named after another contestant. At various intervals, when the gong is rung, one test tube has to be emptied by the housemates, who have to justify why they feel the person whose name is on the test tube is unfit to become the leader.

The contestant whose test tube holds the liquid till the end of task becomes a contender for the captaincy task. Now isn’t that something? The housemates thus have to convince each other to hold on to the test tube with their names to be eligible for captaincy. Though, at the same time, the planning and plotting to win the task reaches new heights. Priyanka Jagga will supervise this task as well.


The contestants are allotted the tubes as follows – Sahil Anand gets Swami Om, MonaLisa gets Gaurav Chopra,  Manveer  Gurjar gets Sahil,  Manu Punjabi gets Nitibha Kaul, Gaurav gets Manu, Swami gets Manveer, Lopamudra Raut gets Mona and Nitibha gets Lopa.


Priyanka tries to influence Manu and Manveer. She tells Manu to empty his test tube which is named after Nitibha. This irks Nitibha who gets into a squabble with Priyanka. 


On the other hand, Swami Om asks his ‘Beti’ Priyanka to intervene and stop Sahil from emptying the test tube with his name. Being the obedient daughter, Priyanka almost orders Sahil against empting the test tube. 


Sahil seems to agree but it remainsto be seen if he actually keep his word

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