Bigg Boss 11: Priyank Sharma Gets THRASHED By Salman Khan For Body-Shaming Shilpa & Arshi

Well, Priyank Sharma is yet again on Salman Khan’s radar. This time the superstar blasted him for passing nasty comments on Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan

Guess what’s in store for Priyank Sharma in tonight’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode?

Well, the handsome hunk will have to face Salman Khan’s wrath.

For those unaware, this week Priyank Sharma passed some shameful comments on housemates-Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan’s body, where he said that how they can't even run a small distance with their overgrown bodies, let alone performing tasks. He also said that the two have bodies like a bull.

Lambasting Priyank for the same, in the episode tonight, Salman will be seen angrily asking Priyank for his mother’s weight to make him realise how does it feel when someone body-shames a girl.

arshi khan and shilpa shinde in bigg boss
Arshi Khan And Shilpa Shinde In Bigg Boss Season 11

Not only Priyank but he will also question Hina Khan and Sapna Choudhry too who always support Priyank when he passes ugly comments on girls’ character and their bodies.

You may recall that Arshi Khan had lost her cool during the courtroom task, when Priyank had put allegations on Arshi for working out in a provoking manner. 

shilpa shinde in bigg boss

Shilpa Shinde In Bigg Boss Season 11

While Salman blasts him for all of this, he also questions the housemates that how they all can behave like this in spite of being educated.

Not only Priyank but Salman will lose his cool on Akash Dadlani as well, during Sultani Akhada. Salman asks Akash to leave everything and hug Puneesh but he denies doing so, which upsets Khan and he tells Akash that he has already lost the battle.

Akash is angry on Puneesh for not being able to save him in the captaincy task.

Well, look like an entertaining episode awaits fans. 

Image Source: twitter/biggboss