Bigg Boss 12: Anup Jalota's Girlfriend Jasleen Matharu Was Dating Sukhwinder Singh!

During the captaincy task yesterday, Anup Jalota revealedJasleen Matharu’s secret affair with singer Sukhwinder Singh. Here’s how he already knew about it

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Bigg Boss 12: Anup Jalota's Girlfriend Jasleen Matharu Was Dating Sukhwinder Singh!

This week, Bigg Boss gave captaincy contenders Shivashish and Deepak Thakur- an unusual task of deciphering contestants’ secret. According to the task, Bigg Boss displayed a secret on TV giving clues, and Shivashish and Deepak had to guess whose secret it is. Among both of them, who scores more would be the next captain of the house.

One of the questions that appeared about a contestant who is the one inside the house who was one upon a time dating a celeb and her current boyfriend is still unaware about her past relationship. As soon the buzzer rang, Shivashish announced, it’s Jasleen Matharu and her ex-boyfriend was Sukhwinder Singh. But surprisingly, Anup Jalota revealed that he was aware of her affair with the singer. When Jasleen asked him how he knew about her relationship, Anup recalled a concert which happened in Hong Kong where the two hit it off. Very soon, Jasleen told him to stay quiet and don’t reveal more details about it thing in front of other inmates.

Jasleen Matharu and Anup Jalota’s relationship has raised eyebrows ever since the show went on air. Soon after this, her father reacted. In an interview with, Mr Matharu had said, " She has been his shishya learning music since quite some time. She even performed at college level, so her understanding of music is very good.”

anup jasleen
Anup Jalota &Jasleen Matharu

He further added, “Anup hadn't got any offer. It was Jasleen who got the call for Bigg Boss 12. We were thinking of names who could accompany her. At this point, it was Jasleen herself who said that she would like to take Anup along with her.” “I have been getting calls from people I know. They are telling me 'Hamari beti hoti, toh kaat ke phenk dete',” Mr Matharu added.

We wonder if Mr Matharu is aware about her daughter's liaison with Sukhwinder Singh.

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