Bigg Boss 12: No Bikini For Nehha Pendse Inside The House

In an interview to, Nehha Pendse has stated that she wouldn’t wear a bikini inside Bigg Boss 12. Will the thought process change while inside the house? Time will tell

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Bigg Boss 12: No Bikini For Nehha Pendse Inside The House

Salman Khan-hosted Bigg Boss 12 premiered last night and within a few hours of contestants being locked inside the house, controversies have begun erupting. One of the most hatke performances of last night was that of Nehha Pendse. She played Salman’s padosan and the two indulged in hilarious banter.

Before going inside the house, the actress gave an interview to and spoke about her decision to take the show up, strategies and her favourite contestants from the previous seasons. Nehha is known for her bold avatar as her social media pictures are replete with sexy photographs. However, she is not keen on sporting a bikini on national television. She told the portal, “No way, I am not going to sport a bikini. I don't want to do that on National television. Despite the beach theme this season, I won't be wearing a bikini in the Bigg Boss 12 house because in real life too I don't enjoy wearing a bikini.”

Nehha further said that she admired Hina Khan in the previous season. "I haven't followed every season in terms of episodes, but I have watched in bits and pieces. I have always grasped the flavour of every season. If I have to choose someone from the last season I would pick Hina Khan. She was a strong girl and I liked the way she stood her ground. There is no harm in calling a spade a spade but how you call spade a spade is what matters. It has to be a right concoction of a lot of things. I also believe that it's no harm to be truthful and opinionated, it's just that you have to choose your words wisely."

Elaborating on her strategy inside the house, she told the portal, "I haven't planned any strategy as such, because I am not sure what kind of people I am going to be with and what kind of challenges I will be facing. So, you have to choose your battle wisely or otherwise you will lose the war." Coming back to the story, well, we shall see if she stays true to her words or changes her thought process inside the house.

Image Source: instagram/nehhapendse