Bigg Boss 12: Shivashish Mishra Thrown Out For Disrespecting The Show

It's The End for Shivashish Mishra in Bigg Boss 12. The contestant, who claims to be a businessman, has been shown the door for insulting the show and its format on national television

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Bigg Boss 12: Shivashish Mishra Thrown Out For Disrespecting The Show
Businessman Shivashish Mishra,  Bigg Boss 12 contestant, will get evicted tonight and it's not just a normal elimination. Shivashish has been asked to leave the house for disrespecting Bigg Boss. Salman Khan will announce his elimination in tonight's Weekend Ka Vaar.

That's right! In tonight’s episode, you will see how host Salman Khan will blast him for breaking the rules inside the house and repeatedly insulting Bigg Boss. After which, the superstar will inform housemates and Shivashsih that as a punishment he will have to leave the house. Watch the video below: 

In yesterday’s episode, we saw how Shivashish denied to follow Bigg Boss and go to kaalkothari. Agitated with his behaviour, Bigg Boss announced that except the captain Romil Chaudhary. all contestants will be nominated. 

We also hear, due to Shivashish's exit from the show, again their will be no eviction this week. Although, there is no official confirmation on it yet.

It is not for the first time when Bigg Boss has taken such a decision. You may recall in last season, Priyank Sharma was sent back home for breaking the rule by indulging in a physical fight. Also, Zubair Khan was sent out after he attempted suicide by consuming tablets. However, Priyank came back as a wild card contestant later. So, will Shivashish also get another chance? 

Image Source:- Twitter/@BiggBoss