Zubair Khan: Bigg Boss 11 Is A Fake, Scripted Show

Bigg Boss 11 contestant Zubair Khan filed a police complaint against Salman Khan after his ouster from the Bigg Boss House and in an exclusive interview with SpotboyE.com he explains why he took that step

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Zubair Khan: Bigg Boss 11 Is A Fake, Scripted Show

Zubair Khan made a headline grabbing exit from Bigg Boss 11on Sunday night. He was rushed to the hospital after apparently overdosing on pills. This came after the Weekend Ka Vaar episode where Salman ripped into him for lying about being a relative of gangster Dawood Ibrahim.

And just a few hours after his exit from the Bigg Boss Houseon Sunday night, Zubair Khan went to the Antop Hill police station and registered a complaint against Salman Khan.

We spoke to Zubair as he exited the police station and he explained his actions in the Bigg Boss house which made him the most-hated contestant and his decision to drag Salman into a legal tangle. Excerpts:

How is your health now?
My condition is really bad. I am unable to eat anything. The pills had an adverse reaction on my stomach. My liver was already swollen and now it has gotten worse.

Was it a suicide attempt?
I did it because I just wanted to get out of the house. Or else they would have just locked me inside. So I created this chaos. My family is so upset by the way I was treated that they wanted me to go and slap Salman on the Bigg Boss stage.

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Why did you file a complaint against Salman Khan?
I have filed a complaint against Salman Khan and Colors as they have defamed me on national television. I am not the son-in-law of any gangster. In my audition video itself, I had cleared the air.

So you are saying that you are not Haseena Parkar’s son-in-law?
Yes. In my first AV, which aired on the very first episode of Bigg Boss 11, I cleared the rumours. In September 2011, an article named me as the damaad of Dawood Ibrahim and it ruined my career (Pauses).

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Go on...
There are many other bad things happening inside the house but Salman targeted me. Bigg Boss is not a reality TV show; it is a completely scripted show. First they ask you to give masala- fight, crack jokes, patch up and when you do that Salman Khan takes your class. Whenever I used foul language, they aired it on Colors to portray me as a villain.

Public vote was not in your favour and that's why you got evicted...
That is fake news. They didn't eliminate me. I was kicked out of their show.  After I took the pills, they took me to a private hospital instead of a government hospital. They wanted to cover up the incident. Dr. Kamat treated me. Four security guards were around me till I reached Mumbai, so that I could not call the media. I was brought to Mumbai in an unconscious state. And while I was still under observation, Colors and Endemol had the audacity to tell me to go back to the sets and shoot with Salman. I asked them, ‘Will he apologise to me onstage’. They said ‘No’. So I told them, ‘Ok then I too am not interested’. They told me that I have signed a contract. I said to hell with it.

Where did you file the complaint?
Antop Hill, my Ammi stays there and I have that address on my residential proof. I will travel to Lonavala to file the complaint again. The cops told me that the incident happened there, so the case has to be registered there.

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You were criticised for abusing Arshi Khan...
Yes I did, because she was reading the Quran while wearing revealing clothes. I told her not to do that. And then she spat in my food. That was when I lost my temper. She provoked me to do that. But they did not show the reason for my outburst; they just aired the part where I reacted. I can't stoop to the level of Eijaz Khan and Swami Om to keep myself in the show. But they wanted me to be seen as a villain.

Did the other contestants try to stop you when you consumed the pills?
They were all busy celebrating because Salman Khan had fired Zubair Khan. And later everyone faked concern and took me inside the confession room and asked Bigg Boss to get me help.

When Salman Khan lashed out at you during Weekend Ka War, why didn't you take a stand then?
Because I knew that the second episode will be shot the same day. I worked as a supervising producer for reality shows for two-and-a-half years. And I expected him to calm down in the next episode. I expected that he will speak politely. But that didn't happen and then I lost my temper and took the pills.

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You had a good equation with Hina Khan, did she take a stand for you?
She is like a sister to me but unfortunately after the confrontation with Salman, everyone including her chose Salman Khan over Zubair Khan

Sameer Antulay (Dawood Ibrahim’s family member) has also filed a complaint against you...
I don't know why they did it. I have never said that I am Dawood Ibrahim’s relative. My in-laws stay in Uran. And now this Antulay is trying to grab headlines with my name and fame.

Parting shots?
Bigg Boss 11 is a fake show; they find controversial people to create chaos inside the house to gain TRPs. The participants are people who have no work outside. I was free so I decided to say ‘Yes’ and also because my family is a big fan of Bigg Boss. They used me for TRPs. Bigg Boss is a fake, scripted show, it has nothing to do with reality.


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