Bigg Boss 12: Shocking! Anup Jalota Breaks Up With Girlfriend Jasleen Matharu- TRP Or Lover’s Tiff?

Last night, Bigg Boss 12 assigned a rather tough task to housemates. And thanks to it, a crack seems to have come between the vichitra Jodi- Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu

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Bigg Boss 12: Shocking! Anup Jalota Breaks Up With Girlfriend Jasleen Matharu- TRP Or Lover’s Tiff?

 Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu are Bigg Boss 12’s most talked about Jodi. They are making as many headlines inside the house with their chemistry as outside the house with their controversies.

Here’s the latest one coming straight from Bigg Boss 12 house. Last night, contestants were assigned a nomination task, where in one single (celebrity) played kidnapper of one of the member of the commoner Jodi. Kidnaper demanded one of the most precious thing or things from the other member of the Jodi (who is free). If the member sacrifices, the Jodi is safe from nomination, resulting in the kidnapper single to be nominated instead. If he/she doesn’t sacrifice, then kidnapper gets safe and Jodi gets nominated.

The first Jodi to put to test with Dipika Kakar, who played the kidnapper, was of Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu. Anup was the kidnapped member and Jasleen the one who had to make the sacrifice. And guess what sacrifice did Dipika ask for? Well, Jasleen was asked to cut her hair till shoulders, destroy her make-up and all her clothes.

After a lot of discussion and to and fro, finally Jasleen declined the demand and put her Jodi at risk of nomination, making Dipika safe. Now, this has not gone down too well with Anup, who in tonight’s episode, will be seen expressing his anger about the same and declaring in front of housemates that he wants to break his Jodi with Jasleen and will now be on his own in the house. Anup feels that Jasleen was very shallow in protecting her make-up and clothes against their nomination.

Now, we wonder, if this twist is deliberate one just to add some drama to the show or it’s a genuine lover’s fight? Will Anup Jalota actually break his Jodi with Jasleen? Bigg Boss knows it all!