Bigg Boss 13: Mahira Sharma's Mother Says, 'Extremely Upset With Shehnaaz Gill, Will Go And Correct Her'- EXCLUSIVE

As Bigg Boss 13 is gearing up for the Family Week, Mahira Sharma's mother, Sania Sharma is set to enter the house too. We spoke to her about her impending visit and he had a lot to say about Shehnaaz Gill

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Bigg Boss 13: Mahira Sharma's Mother Says, 'Extremely Upset With Shehnaaz Gill, Will Go And Correct Her'- EXCLUSIVE
In last night's episode of Bigg Boss 13, we saw a big drama unfold between Shehnaz Gill and Mahira Sharma. A task was performed to know who is more jealous between the two ladies and by the completion of the task, Mahira got tearful. Talking to us about it, Mahira's mother, Sania Sharma shared with us, "Meri beti ko rota dekhkar mere aasu ruke nahi. Raat bhar soyi nahi hoon main." 

We had called Mahira's mom to know what plans she has when she will meet her daughter inside during the family week. "I am extremely excited to see my daughter. But I have decided I will hug each one inside. And give out a message that my daughter comes from a family where relations matter not the game. I know there are people inside who are not with my daughter but I want to spread this positive vibes amongst them." 

When asked if she has a message for her daughter and she replies, "I don't know if Bigg Boss will allow us to talk to them but if get an opportunity I will definitely tell Shenaaz that my daughter is not against her. I haven't seen a single time when Mahira has said nasty things about her. So, she should also stop hating her unnecessarily. I will go and correct her because after watching all the hate and drama in last night's episode, I am quite upset and disturbed. Ek ladke ke chakar mein usko apni friendship Mahira ke saath nahi kharab karni chahiye." 

When we asked her if she really thinks Paras Chhabra is the reason for their differences, Mahira's mother said, "We all know Shehnaaz used to like Paras and he was always with my daughter as a friend. And let me repeat, Mahira takes him just as a friend. If he has some feelings for my daughter, we can't do anything. And if Shehnaaz is feeling bad about it, what can be done?"


It all started when the two ladies- Mahira and Shehnaaz- who are at loggerheads these days, got into a verbal spat in front of host Salman Khan when he was trying to know from Shehnaz why Mahira was not saved from nomination by giving a bed? Shehnaz said that Mahira claims that she is not afraid of being nominated where as Mahira tried to correct her by saying that she never said so.

Looking at the argument, Salman got a task done between the two to know who according to the housemates is more jealous after which Mahira broke out into tears whereas Shehnaz created a huge scene, which also disturned Salman Khan.

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