Bigg Boss 14: After Nikki Tamboli Was Called Cheap And Dirty For Hiding Nomination Mask In Her Pants, Ex Contestant VJ Andy Calls It A 'Genius Move'

Netizens and follow contestants found Nikki Tamboli's act of hiding the mask in her pants cringe worthy but Bigg Boss 7's Andy has come in her full support.

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Bigg Boss 14: After Nikki Tamboli Was Called Cheap And Dirty For Hiding Nomination Mask In Her Pants, Ex Contestant VJ Andy Calls It A 'Genius Move'
Nikki Tamboli shook the ceiling of Bigg Boss house with her recent stint of hiding nomination mask in her pants. In a recent task allocated by Bigg Boss Nikki Tamboli was accused and criticized by the entire house also trolled outside miserably. Netizens found Nikki's act to win the task cheap where as her co-contestants called her act dirty. However Bigg Boss 7 contestant Andy has come in her support and called it a genius move. 

While reviwing the entire situaton Ex Bigg Boss contestant told a section of media, "I think Nikki ka ye genius move tha. Dekho Nikki ko pata tha ke cheena jhapti mein Rahul jeet jayega as Rahul ka bal zyada hai toh usne apne mind se socha ke mein kaise isko apne saath rakh sakti hu. Aab Bigg Boss ke saare seasons mein jaha itna sab kuch ho chuka hai vaha pata hai ke banda cheen lega mujhse toh ye karke mein apne pass isko(mask) ko rakh sakti hu. I think it was a genius move kyuki ye allowed hai kyuki Bigg Boss ne bhi kuch nahi bola." ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli Hides Nomination Mask Inside Her Pants To Save Herself; Gets Trolled Miserably As People Call Her CHEAP

He was also seen tweeting, "All is fair in love and war. Nikki Tamboli is fearlessly fighting for her place in the house since day 1." ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 14: Andy Corrects Kamya Punjabi's 'Eijaz Khan Made Nikki Tamboli Wash His Undergarment' Tweet; Actress Reminds Him Of His Fight With Gauahar Khan On Her Lingerie

For thosw who are uninitiated with the incident, In the recent episode Rahul Vaidya and Nikki Tamboli were seen sitting opposite each other during the nomination task and a oxygen mask was placed between the two where they had to convince each other by telling why they deserve the oxygen mask and get themselves saved from the nomination. During the task Nikki said that Rahul isn't much entertaining and is even slow, so she deserves to be safe from elimination. Rahul told her that after this they will end up snatching the mask and he doesn't want to get aggressive.  However, Nikki Tamboli left him speechless with her next move and put the mask in her pants. Later we saw,  Rahul Vaidya telling her, "Yeh mat kar yeh tu gand macha rahi hai. Gand mat macha. I think it's very cheap and very dirty of you. Seat bachaane ke saath izzat bhi rakh. Also Rahul Vaidya broke down seeing Nikki Tamboli play dirty during the task".

Housemates also called it a dirty move. Pavitra said, "This was dirty," while Naina Singh tells Nikki, "Tum ek ladke ki sharaafat ko test kar rahi ho. Ladkiyon ki izzat toh rakho, apni nahi rakh sakti toh." Even her friend Jaan told her "Yeh galat kiya aapne."

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