Bigg Boss 14: Disha Parmar Refused To Enter As VIP Guest; Was Rahul Vaidya's Proposal The Reason, Actress Reveals- EXCLUSIVE

Rahul Vaidya's girlfriend, Disha Parmar was offered to enter Bigg Boss 14 but she refused. Is that to do anything with Rahul's proposal? The actress reveals exclusively to us

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Bigg Boss 14: Disha Parmar Refused To Enter As VIP Guest; Was Rahul Vaidya's Proposal The Reason, Actress Reveals- EXCLUSIVE
TV actress Disha Parmar may not have been a part of Bigg Boss 14 but she has been making a constant buzz, all thanks to Rahul Vaidya, who openly proposed the lady on national television on her birthday. Though Disha has not replied to his proposal officially but hinted about her mutual feelings for the singer many times in her post. 

And now, has learnt that the popular actress was approached to enter the show with other VIP guests and be a part of it for a while. But Disha has refused the offer. Also read: Bigg Boss 14's Rahul Vaidya's Mother REACTS To His Wedding Proposal To Disha Parmar: 'I Am Happy, She Is A Sweet Girl'

We reached out to Disha, who was quite frank about her decision as said, "I have been approached for a few seasons! But I don’t think I can be a good contestant for the show! Am a very boring person." Also read: Bigg Boss 14: Disha Parmar 'Is Overwhelmed' With Rahul Vaidya's Marriage Proposal, Reveals Singer's Friend, Megha Israni- EXCLUSIVE

When asked if Rahul is the reason she said no for entering this year, Disha quipped, "No, it was not because of him. I said No in general for the show."

Well, Disha's entry must have definitely got an interesting twist in the show. Especially for those who are going gaga over her and Rahul Vaidya's love story. Many eyes are waiting to see them together after his proposal and know her reaction to it.

Whereas Rahul's mother has already given a green signal to Disha as her daughter-in-law. In a statement to the media, she had said, "Am happy for Rahul. His sudden proposal surprised me as well but I am glad Disha is the one he has chosen. She is an extremely sweet girl and I am fond of her. The rest I can comment on or rather he can comment on only when he comes out of the house. We will sit and talk as family."

Also, Rahul's friend Megha Israni in an exclusive interview with us had revealed, "I think she is overwhelmed but at the same time a little shocked. It's her birthday and I don't feel any girl would have got a better birthday gift than this. Hamare ladke ne mauke pe chauka maar hi diya hai (smiles)."

Meanwhile, a few ex contestants like Vikas Gupta, Rakhi Sawant, Kashmera Shah, Rahul Mahajan, Arshi Khan and Manu Punjabi will be making an entry soon to get a new turn in the show.

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