Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik To Re-Enter; Surbhi Chandana, Arti Singh, Kamya Punjabi And Vindu Dara Singh Grill Her Before The Entry

Kavita Kaushik is back in the house. The channel has released a promo of the FIR actress being grilled by a special panel of guests before making the entry

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Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik To Re-Enter; Surbhi Chandana, Arti Singh, Kamya Punjabi And Vindu Dara Singh Grill Her Before The Entry
Kavita Kaushik, who entered as a wild card contestant a week before was evicted this week on Monday due to less number of votes by the public. Along with Kavita, Nishant Singh Malkhani was also eliminated after the contestants present in the green zone nominated him with 7 votes out of 8.

However, had already told you that Kavita Kaushik may re-enter the house and will be part of the game. And finally, Colors TV has released a promo of Kavita Kaushik getting another chance to enter the house. ALSO READ : Bigg Boss 14: Akash Choudhary Says, 'Just Like Shardul, Naina Singh Also Has Financial Issues, But She Will Not Use It To Get Sympathy Votes'- EXCLUSIVE

In the promo, we see host Salman Khan telling Kavita that you are getting a golden chance to re-enter the house. But only on the condition if she will be able to impress their special panel of guests which included Surbhi Chandana, Arti Singh, Kamya Punjabi and Vindu Dara Singh. After which we saw all four of them grilling Kavita on her one week journey inside the house. Although they haven't revealed if she was able to impress them, our sources have confirmed that the actress has already entered the house. ALSO READ : Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan Breaks Down In Front Of Shardul Pandit As Jasmin Bhasin Calls Him 'Paagal'; Regrets Opening Up About Depression
Well, it will be interesting to see how housemates, especially Eijaz, react to Kavita's re-entry in the house. As the two were seen logging their heads. After her elimination while talking about Eijaz Khan, Kavita had told Hindustan Times, "The main thing that I was trying to convey was that Eijaz Khan does not need friends. He does not need love. He needs chamchas in the house and he just uses people to up his game. I was hurt. That is only what has backfired, that I was hurt.” 

While the outburst was shown on television, it wasn’t revealed clearly what caused it. Speaking about the same, Kavita said that since she stepped inside the house, Eijaz had been telling her how to play the game for his benefit. She said he started playing the victim card, and she formed opinions about contestants based on what he said.

She said that if he really was a friend, he would have told her to play her own game and judge people based on her experiences with them. She added that after he turned captain, he even asked her to come and report to him if anyone is breaking the rules. “I told him, ‘Hello, you are not my ustaad and I am not your chela!’ So many things like this happened and every time, I would try to tell him, ‘Hey, calm down. Look nice, smile. You look so stressed.’ He would tell me, ‘It’s your opinion. Keep your opinion to yourself,’” said Kavita.

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