Bigg Boss 15: Kamya Panjabi Feels Afsana Khan Should Be Given The Benefit Of Doubt, Picks Karan Kundrra As Her Favourite Contestant

BB7 Kamya Panjabi has been one of the regular viewers of the controversial TV reality show, Bigg Boss

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Bigg Boss 15: Kamya Panjabi Feels Afsana Khan Should Be Given The Benefit Of Doubt, Picks Karan Kundrra As Her Favourite Contestant
Actress Kamya Panjabi who has been one of the contestants of the popular TV reality show, Bigg Boss in its 8th season, makes sure to watch every season. Hosted by Salman Khan, the Shakti actress has taken to social media platforms to support, slam and given her opinion about the TV reality show and its contestants. As reported in ETimes TV, the actress feels BB15 has been so far an entertaining season as compared to the previous season.

Speaking about Pratik Sehajpal whom she disliked earlier for his temperamental issues has begun to like him as he has changed. Comparing him with Shamita Shetty, she feels he is better at the game. Meanwhile, she was confused about Vishal Kotian. She told the portal, “This time since the start, there has been so much that has happened in the house and there is no one person who has always done the right thing. At the start of the week, Pratik Sehajpal was very aggressive and violent and I didn't like him, but this week he has changed himself and I have started liking him now. I feel he's doing better than Shamita Shetty.”

She added, “Then sometimes I like Vishal Kotian and sometimes I don't like him. But one thing I can say is that this season has been very entertaining, far more than the last one. Last season (BB14) was really boring for me, until the challengers came inside the house.”

While it was tough for the actress to pick her favourite from the ongoing season, she has zeroed down on Karan Kundrra. Giving out the reason why she likes him, she says, “I am loving Karan Kundrra in the show. His one-liners and sometimes speaking Punjabi in the middle of a conversation is very cute. He's been a constant source of entertainment and he has also kept his calm and isn't fighting unnecessarily.” ALSO READ: Kamya Panjabi, In Reply To A Twitter User, Says Armaan Kohli Didn’t Just Call Her A ‘Divorcee’ On Bigg Boss 7 But Also Hurled Abuses

Also giving out her opinion on Afsana Khan’s spat with Shamita Shetty and Vishal Kotian, she feels the former should be given the benefit of doubt. Kamya explaining Afsana Khan’s behaviour said, “She has a basic nature which everyone knows now. She keeps saying things until people are not on her side or understand her. In that flow, she cursed people in the house, which isn't right, but she even harmed herself later. So I feel that she doesn't mean it but just says things to people and then she apologizes. So I think that Afsana should be given the benefit of the doubt and we all should move on. If she repeats it then we'll know her real nature and then everyone will ignore her.” ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 15: Kamya Punjabi And Fans Of Jay Bhanushali Lash Out At Nikki Tamboli For Asking 'Who is Jay?'-Read TWEETS

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