Bigg Boss OTT: Trolls Can't Stop Urfi From Experimenting, Actress Flaunts An Sexy Outfit Made Out Of Socks

Urfi makes an outfit out of socks and the netizens are going gaga over it

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Bigg Boss OTT: Trolls Can't Stop Urfi From Experimenting, Actress Flaunts An Sexy Outfit Made Out Of Socks
Bigg Boss OTT contestant Urfi, who's popular for her taste in fashion has now made an outfit out of socks. Yes, you heard it right! After making a top out of polythene bags she has now opted for socks and has made an outfit out of the same and has used a bangle to join it. 

The actress who was spotted in the suburbs today managed to create a stir yet again with her fashion choices. Even after being called out repeatedly for the choice of outfits, the reality show star seems to be nonchalant towards all the negative comments that are being targeted towards her and continue to be her true self, for which she is famous. ALSO READ Bigg Boss OTT Fame Urfi Javed Reacts On Being Called Javed Akhtar-Shabana Azmi's Granddaughter; Says, 'I Was Laughing'

Earlier, the actress was trolled for her look at the airport where she was seen wearing a ripped denim jacket. Giving her reaction on being trolled she said, “There is so much more to me than my clothes! Why don’t people talk about me as an individual? I have realised that no matter what I post, people will say things. Be it a bikini or a salwar-suit, there are nasty comments always.” Though being from a conservative family, her liking for clothes was never an issue. Also, the actress mentions her clothing style is inspired by the places she visits. ALSO READ Bigg Boss OTT: Urfi Javed Reacts To Troll Targeting Her For The Airport Look, Says, ‘Agar Publicity Chahiye Hoti, Toh Airport Me Bina Kapdon Ke Jaati’


She added, “I have grown up in a conservative family in Lucknow. But even then our clothing was never an issue. Today when I wear outfits that I love, I feel good and don’t care about what people say. I get inspired from various places and then I get my clothes made.”

Despite receiving so much flak, she in return gave all the trolls a taste of their own medicine by posting the same picture on Instagram in different poses! She truly teaches everyone how to take all the negativity in our stride and goes by the saying 'When Life throws lemons at you, make lemonade'.

Image Source: Splendid PR, YouTube/SpotboyE