COVID-19 Lockdown Effects: Kanica Maheshwari Advices New Mothers On Tricks To Keep Their Kids' Mental Health In Check

Kanica Maheshwari has taken a break from acting but is currently busy blogging and helping out mothers who are facing issues with their children amidst the pandemic chaos

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COVID-19 Lockdown Effects: Kanica Maheshwari Advices New Mothers On Tricks To Keep Their Kids' Mental Health In Check
Actress and yummy-mummy Kanica Maheshwari recently took a brief break from her current hit show Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye citing family's health concerns amidst ongoing pandemic. Last year, the actress was locked up in her Mumbai house all by herself due to lockdown restrictions, so this time around she flew to Delhi to be with her family and is living it up indoors with her son and other kids in the family.

A cool mom and a cooler aunt, Kanika has been making fun videos for her photo sharing app featuring her 5-year-old and other kids and they all seem to be having fun joining her party.The actress has recently even begun blogging about parenting and her ideas are being recognised by the mom community across India. ALSO READ: Diya Aur Bati Hum Actress Kanica Maheshwari's Critically Acclaimed Movie Forever Whim To Release On A Digital Platform- EXCLUSIVE

With the longest time the children have had to be indoors and miss school and playdates, experts have learnt about the dilemma of children and mental health issues as they are unable to explain themselves as much as adults can. Kanika took to Instagram sharing a trick that has helped the children in the family open up to her more. She wrote in her blog, "Role play to understand your child's emotional well being." ALSO READ: Kanika Maheshwari On Her Comeback Show 'Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye': 'I Am Playing A Widow With No Make-Up Look'-EXCLUSIVE

She wrote, "I try & share my parenting anecdotes, some are a hit & there are few misses too..there is never a rule book when it comes to parenting. As parents/ caregivers we need to device tricks & hacks as per your baby's temperament. What may work for some, may not for the other. But the whole idea of sharing is to share my learnings with new moms.

More often than not, when children tend to hurt themselves, they do tend to forget the pain when they are distracted with play. On most days, it is a good thing because falling & getting bruises are a part of growing up but sometimes it could lead to something critical. So I have found a way to understand if Reyaansh is in some pain, or in some mental dilemma.

I play a role play game with him & other children in the family where I become a doctor & they become community helpers & we take rounds. I ask them about their health, if they are in some pain. I get them to talk. I think the kids open up more while in a game. I feel currently the children have been impacted more because they are not going to school or to the garden, they are not playing or meeting their friends, majorly there's no human touch and interaction and that's why kids are feeling low."

This sure seems like a brilliant idea & might help parents understand their children better who are missing out on all the fun & learning.

Image source: Instagram/kanicamaheshwari