Deepak Thakur & Urvashi Vani In Bigg Boss 12: Age, Biography, Photos – All You Need To Know About This Vichitra Jodi

Here’s all you need to know about the 24-year-old Bigg Boss 12 contestant Deepak Thakur and his partner, Urvashi Vani. Both of them have started garnering eyeballs among the audiences already. Here's all that you need to know about this jodi

Deepak Thakur and Urvashi Vani were the first jodi to enter the Bigg Boss 12 house. Both of them are singers, and they say that they are not a couple - rather they just share a guru-shishya relationship. Deepak has sung for films like Gangs Of Wasseypur. He is from Muzaffarpur, Bihar and is very popular in the bhojpuri film industry. As a singer in Bollywood, he hasn't bagged too many projects after GOW. With Urvashi, he is going to be a Vichitra Jodi, which has already started drawing the audiences’ attention.

Claim To Fame
Deepak is popular for his songs in Gangs Of Wasseypur. Also, his stint as a singer in the bhojpuri film industry draws him lots of fans from that region. To add to it, he has numerous videos on his YouTube channel and those are immensely popular. Urvashi, on the other hand, is a total commoner. Her claim to fame would be this season of Bigg Boss 12.


Deepak Thakur and Urvashi Vani

Deepak has already started making headlines with his funny take on the 'jacuzzi' and then his composition of the Bigg Boss song has been loved by all. He could soon become the dark horse of the season, as people love him not just for his songs but even for his sense of humour. On the other hand, it will be interesting to see how Urvashi grabs this opportunity inside the BB house, and also makes the most of it. She has the capability to turn glamorous and stun audiences just like Mehjabi Siddiqui did last season.