DIRTY DETAILS Of Karishma Sharma’s LESBIAN SEX SCENE In Ragini MMS Returns

From locking down the set, to having an all-female crew – here’s what went into shooting the hot and sweaty sex scene between the sweltering hot girls Karishma Sharma and Sakshi Pradhan...

The internet has been buzzing with hot and juicy details about Ragini MMS Returns’s climax scene that features lesbian sex. Featuring Karishma Sharma and Sakshi Pradhan, the scene shows the girls in their hottest and boldest avatar.

karishma sharma and sakshi pradhan lesbian scene
Karishma Sharma & Sakshi Pradhan Lesbian Scene In Ragini MMS Returns

Fans’ curiosity went several notches up when Ekta Kapoor roped in prominent director Ken Ghosh to helm the scene.

karishma sharma and sakshi pradhan sex scene ragini mms returns
Karishma Sharma & Sakshi Pradhan Climax Scene In Ragini MMS Returns Teaser

SpotboyE.com got in touch with Ken to get a sense of what went into the making of Internet’s boldest scene, till date.

ragini mms returns lesbian hot scenes karishma sharma and sakshi pradhan
Karishma Sharma & Sakshi Pradhan's Lesbian Sex In Ragini MMS Returns

"Ekta had written the scene and she wanted me to come and direct this one sequence. I feel the actors were more comfortable. She wanted me to give a different outlook to the scene. And yea, the two girls were great! The chemistry between them was fantastic. Both were looking very good, and very hot,” says Ken.

The director wanted to leave no room for error and hence he took his time to shoot the climax of the popular horrex web-show. He reveals, it took them a full day to get what they wanted.

karishma sharma and sakshi pradhan romantic scene
Karishma Sharma & Sakshi Pradhan Romantic Kissing In Ragini MMS Returns

Ken reveals, "We conducted a workshop before we shot the scene. And we discussed our style of shooting in detail. Also it happened behind close doors. We locked down the set, no one could enter or leave. Also, we had a full female crew in there."

Ken Ghosh is now directing another series for Ekta Kapoor called Haqq Se starring Surveen Chawla and Rajeev Khandelwal in main lead.

Image Source: youtube/ALTBalaji