Erica Fernandes On Her Series Econnect: 'It's My Way Of Giving Back To My Well Wishers'- EXCLUSIVE

Erica Fernandes is making the best use of her social media handles as the actress is creating awareness amongst people by talking to various professionals. Here's what she has to say about the initiative

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Erica Fernandes On Her Series Econnect: 'It's My Way Of Giving Back To My Well Wishers'- EXCLUSIVE
Erica Fernandes has lately been using her social media on a wide scale for a bigger and more beneficial cause which focuses on educating her followers and importantly spreading awareness about topics which are of utmost concern and currently need to be highlighted.

Econnect, the series that Erica has begun on her social media platforms, is more of a candid chat between the actress and professionals from various fields like doctors, mental health professionals, chefs etc. Through the chat Erica picks up questions asked by her followers themselves including some of her own queries about topics related to their profession, covid centric queries and how to deal with them and a lot more generalized information which she feels people need to be more aware about. ALSO READ: Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3: Shaheer Sheikh Opens Up On His Bond With Erica Fernandes; Says 'I Have Found A Friend For Life'

Talking about the idea behind, Erica told, "With a platform like social media which can be used for a number of things, I have chosen it to help and build awareness from my side. I had done a series of Econnect last year as well, but it was a lot more of personal interaction between my fans and I, but this time around I thought of taking a different route, and keeping in mind the ongoing scenario there was nothing better than educating people through these chats that I could ideally think of! Connecting with various professionals like doctors, vets, chefs, counsellors and a bunch of others and asking them questions which are solely asked by followers on my page has been extremely insightful for everybody who has been following the series." ALSO READ: Erica Fernandes Celebrates 5 Years In The Television Industry; Thanks Fans, ‘I Can’t Express The Love And Gratitude I Feel’

"Over the last few chats that I conducted, there has been immense knowledge exchange and so many topics have been addressed which were not only important for people watching the chat, but taught me so much as well! I feel that during these times it's not just about money or donations, but even relevant and important information and tips which can actually help so many people via such a huge medium and is a great way of putting it all out there. So, Econnect is my way of giving back to my well-wishers for all their love and never leaving my side," added Erica.

Image source: Instagram/iam_ejf