Gauahar Khan And VJ Bani Have Some Happy News To Share

Bani is by Gauahar’s side to celebrate all the joyful moments in her life. And the twosome is once again flaunting their newfound happiness on social media

Gauahar Khan and VJ Bani are having a gala time together. From spending Valentine’s Day together to going for coffee dates, these two ladies are on a roll. And there’s more happy news! The Bigg Boss 7 winner is the proud owner of a brand new Audi Q7 Limited Edition.

The actress shared her happy moment with Bani and here are the pictures of them celebrating:

vj bani and gauahar khan new audi car

vj bani and gauahar khan new car

 Image Source: snapchat/Lady J & Gauahar Khan

Gauahar posted a very loud and clear heartfelt message for Bani on her Instagram handle. This is what it reads:

“When your joy knows no bounds!!!!!!#bestestSURPRISEever ...... The craziest kinda anti valentine's day love!!!!! I love you BANI ...... @banij#yourKINDAcrae ..... N you already know what kinda love I wish for you........ In sha Allah .... Hoping it's possible!!!!! Lawl ...... may Allah bless you now n forever more!!!!!! #happypuppy!!!!! #100mostbeautifulroses on a heart shaped stand that's my height!!!!! (sic).”

We wonder what kind of love is Gauahar hoping for and what Bani is hinting to when she says the entire digital world knows about it!

Gauahar and Bani, were having a ball recently in UK. Bani's sister lives in London and Gauahar’s brother too is a resident of the British capital. So, the two not only bonded with their siblings but caught up with each other’s families as well.

Thumbnail Image Source: idiva