Gulki Joshi: 'I Was A Victim Of COVID-19 Too But Isolation Changed Me As A Person'- EXCLUSIVE

Maddam Sir actress Gulki Joshi shares her new Year's Eve plans with us and also reflects her thoughts about the year gone by

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Gulki Joshi: 'I Was A Victim Of COVID-19 Too But Isolation Changed Me As A Person'- EXCLUSIVE
New Year's Eve in 2020 is going to be less vibrant much like all the festivals this year but Actress Gulki Joshi is all set up to celebrate it for its spirit. Gulki, who is currently essaying the character of Haseena Malik in television show Maddam Sir, spoke to us about her New Year plans and the ups and downs we witnessed this year.

Talking about 2020 she says, "I know the year has been very dark for all the people in the world. It has brought disasters, pandemic leading to many people losing their loved ones. It has put many people in depressed states, caused anxiety etc. But if you look at the positive side it has given us immense time to look at our lives, realise the importance of it and care more about the relationships we have. It has made us understand that anything can happen at any moment so try to live in the present and enjoy the most of it." Also read: Actress Gulki Joshi On Aamir Khan Visiting Turkey For Laal Singh Chaddha And Meeting The First Lady: 'I Am Totally Against It'-EXCLUSIVE

She further adds, 'I myself was a victim of Covid-19 but the isolation changed me as a person. I realised that nothing is more important than health, the whole perspective towards life changed. I believe whatsoever happens, life goes on. So, just enjoy what you have in the present and don't worry about the future." Also read: Madam Sir Actress Gulki Joshi: 'Women Are Not Paid Less Than Men In The Television Industry'- EXCLUSIVE

Talking about how she is going to celebrate the New Year's Eve and her resolutions she says, "I am going to celebrate it with my parents, if possible then some merriment with friends. The only resolution would be to stop being serious and more jolly towards life."

Image source: Instagram/gulki_joshi