IN PICS: Bigg Boss 8 Contestant & Mr Gay India Sushant Divgikr DRAGS It - And How

As a gay icon Sushant Divgikr makes his drag debut in the play Rani Ko-He-Nur. Scroll down for pictures...

Shocking but true! Ex-Bigg Boss Contestant Sushant Divgikr new calling is that of a drag queen. 

 We have laid our hands on these scandalous pictures of the model-turned-reality show participant in a drag queen avatar. Mr Gay India 2014, reportedly makes big bucks to perform as a drag.

As a gay icon Sushant Divgikr has made his drag debut in the play Rani Ko-He-Nur.

 Mr Drag performed in Delhiā€™s Kitty Su Club, in and as Rani Ko-He-Nur. Sushant, who started out as a model for TV ads, progressed to TV shows, and gradually ventured into singing. He was also a contestant on season 8 of the controversial reality show Bigg Boss.

A drag queen is a person, usually male, who dresses in clothing meant for the opposite sex. 

 A drag often acts with exaggerated femininity and in feminine gender roles, for the purpose of entertainment or fashion.

Image Source: instagram/sushantdivgikr