Juhi Parmar Embarks On A New Journey, Takes To Parent Blogging

Kumkum actress Juhi Parmar is all set to commence parent blogging and share the enriching experiences of parenthood with well-wishers

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Juhi Parmar Embarks On A New Journey, Takes To Parent Blogging

Juhi Parmar is one of the few names in the television industry who are bringing up her child as a single parent, however, do not shy away from talking about it. The actress was granted divorce from Sachin Shroff on July 5. Juhi s is a mother to an adorable 5-year-old daughter, Samiarra. Her social media posts are proof that she's a hands on mother and juggling between her personal and professional life just fine.

If her Instagram posts are anything to go by, Juhi spends quality time with her daughter and shares all the cutesy stuff on her feed opening her heart to her friends and fans. Last seen in Shani, Juhi Parmar is on a new journey and will actively start parent blogging. The actress has seen many highs and lows in her life and single-handedly brought up her daughter and it will be interesting to look at parenting from her perspective. With a very few single mothers in our industry, we are sure that Juhi's blog is going to be an interesting one to read. 

Juhi informed fans about her move to begin blogging and wrote a letter calling it 'To My Digital Family'. She also shared a sweet message on beginning this blog around Ganpati festivities, which read, “A new journey begins! And what better time than this....I'm super excited, lets share, lets talk and lets connect! #MommyBlogger #Blogging#ParentingBlog #MomStories #MommyLife.”