Karan Kundra’s Ex Anusha Dandekar Reveals Encountering Racism In Australia, Was Called 'Dark Milk Chocolate'

Anusha Dandekar shares being bullied due to her skin colour when she was in Australia

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Karan Kundra’s Ex Anusha Dandekar Reveals Encountering Racism In Australia, Was Called 'Dark Milk Chocolate'
Karan Kundra’s ex Anusha Dandekar who launched her beauty product suitable for all skin types and skin colors spoke about facing racism. In conversation with Koimoi.com, the actress shared a disheartening incident when she was targeted for being brown during her stay in Australia. She shared people calling her names, and teasing her. Anusha also shared she never understood differentiation done on the basis of skin colour. However, when she came to India she was shocked to witness people locking horns due to this. 

She said, “I’ve gone through my share of bullying in Australia as I grew up there. Everybody thinks ‘Oh, what do you know about being brown?’ In Australia, I was brown, very brown. I would be called dark milk chocolate or chocolate milk and things like that. I was often teased like that when I was younger.” When she was targeted in school, she came to her father complaining about the same, as she did not see any difference in them and her. 

Anusha says, “For me, I didn’t understand the concept of any skin colour being different when I was a child. So, I ran to my dad and said, “They’re calling me this but I don’t understand it.” I don’t see the difference between me or anybody. I was so naïve. It’s because my parents didn’t teach me any difference. When I came to India, I was so shocked to see in my own country, people are pitting against each other! How can one do that? It’s crazy to me.”

On the launch of her beauty product she mentioned accepting that we all are different as comparison leads her nowhere. 
 “It’s not just the right time but the right time to pioneer the way beauty is looked at. Inclusiveness is the key to that because we’re all so different. And there cannot be one single person to look at, and say, ‘Now I have to look like her, or I won’t get anywhere in my life?’ It’s unachievable, it’s mostly photoshopped,” she added. ALSO READ: Karan Kundra-Anusha Dandekar Break-Up: Mohit Duseja Says, 'We Always Saw Them As A Married Couple'- EXCLUSIVE

Also she urges people not to make photoshopped images as definition of beauty, Anusha said, “So everyone has to stop making this photoshopped person their idea of beauty. It’s actually what you see and tell yourself in the mirror. That’s it.” ALSO READ: Anusha Dandekar Rocks A Solid Neon Green Bikini; Karan Kundrra’s Ex Flaunts Her Curvaceous Physique, Promotes ‘Self Love Is Everything’

Image Source: Instagram/vjanusha