Kavita Kaushik Accuses A Leading Bank Of Cheating Her

TV actress Kavita alleges that Axis Bank is making her pay for a mistake she never made. Read on as we tell you what exactly happened
International Women’s Day didn’t begin on a good note for Kavita Kaushik. Reason? The TV actress was busy penning a heartfelt post about an unfortunate incident that transpired between her and Axis Bank.

Kavita made a snarky revelation about how she was duped by the bank for no fault of hers.  She disclosed that she had invested in a Max Life Policy after constant pestering by Axis Bank executives and personal relationship managers. At that point she was told that even if she breaks her policy mid-term, she wouldn’t have to pay a fine.

However, things didn’t go as planned and as things stand today, Kavita will have to shell out a fine of 50% of the money invested.

Needless to say, this came as a shock to her and she vent out in a post, part of which we reproduce here:

It read, “Yes, it’s my mistake I trusted people in today times with their mere word, I should have hired a lawyer or someone who would have read the documents WORD BY WORD because I am having to pay close to 50% (a few lakhs) of my own money invested with the bank that gave me a wrong word and wrong idea. Yes a fine of 5 or 10 or even a 15% would have been a rude shock because I was clearly convinced that there is none but a 50% is clearly cheating. Pls don’t trust your bankers blindly it’s your hard earned money and not earned by duping people sitting in a.c cabins, don’t make the mistake I made, Be careful in investing in max life policies that axis bank has to offer. Never give in to the pressure convincing they do to you... (sic).”

Soon after, the bank tweeted to the actress apologising for the inconvenience caused. They wrote: @Iamkavitak Hi, we're sorry you had this experience and we want to make this right. Please share your contact details via DM for us to connect with you.

We texted Kavita to get more details, but our messages and calls were unanswered.

Thumbnail Image Source: instagram/ikavitakaushik