Kishwer Merchant To Anusha Dandekar: Call Me & Apologise, Don't Try To Be A Hero On Social Media

Kishwer Merchant shoots from the hip. She is still angry with VJ Anusha Dandekar, whose post sometime ago today has clearly backfired
Kishwer Merchant  cannot stop laughing after Anusha Dandekar's attempt to bury the hatchet fails. Talking EXCLUSIVELY to a few minutes ago, Kishwer said, "Anusha makes me laugh. She says that she wanted me to call her for things which she is doing on public platform. I really want to know what is so funny about what my friend Rahul was saying in the video.

Why delete the videos she posted with Gaelyn and the messages wherein people spoke badly to her if she wasn't guilty about anything? Anusha has created a good story after 3 days to make me look the villain here.

Anusha's friend Gaelyn was clearly scared with what she did. He knew she had done something terribly wrong, and then she went on to tell him that we are mad. Imagine!

Anusha has tried to be a hero but  fallen flat on her face, because she isn't one.

And pray, why is she teaching me how to be a good friend to people. I don't need to prove it to Anusha. My friends know what they mean to me.

Why not call me up and say 'Sorry', Anusha? If she has a clean heart as she claims, why not phone me and talk? Why do all this on social media? To garner sympathy?"

Kishwer adds, "Please see my friend Rahul's video. When someone is normally saying pancake, why would he put on an a fake Indian accent,  pronounce it wrongly and laugh? So what exactly did you find funny, Anusha? The accent or the guy? You have goofed up Anusha. Say sorry and move on. With this new antic of yours, you are only making my friends laugh.

With her long note the only thing I understand is that Anusha has said sorry to Rahul which is good but she has NOT accepted that she has done something wrong."

For the uninitiated, a few days ago, Kishwer had put out a video where she and her friends were talking about food and one of her friends says: ‘I want pancakes’. That line was then picked up by Anusha and her friend Gaelyn, who couldn't stop laughing at the man’s accent. Instead of having a laugh about it in private, they made a video of it and Anusha posted it on her account as an Insta story. Kishwer saw it and went livid.

The fight continues. Will Anusha apologise? Let's wait and watch.

Thumbnail Image Source: india & instagram/vjanusha