Krushna Abhishek: Surprised That Bharti Singh Joined Kapil Sharma’s Show; We Had Vowed To Never Appear On It

New dad Krushna Abhishek expresses his resentment at Bharti Singh’s decision to join The Kapil Sharma Show; says he initially couldn’t believe that the news was true
News of Bharti Singh joining The Kapil Sharma Show came as a shock to many, but looks like Krushna Abhishek was affected the most.

In an interview to Bombay Times, the actor expressed his displeasure at Bharti’s decision. He said, “It has been four years since Kapil's show started, and Bharti and I had vowed never to appear on it. It was an unwritten pact between us. Firstly, because it was named after him and secondly because I am not a small-time comedian, who would appear on someone's show for a few minutes. They couldn't have afforded me as I charge a bomb.”

He went on to reveal that he initially rubbished the fact as a mere rumour. “I laughed it off, as I was confident that she wouldn't join his team. However, I later realised that it was true. How could Bharti join him?” he states.

While Bharti chose to join The Kapil Sharma Show, the latter’s former teammates, Ali Asgar, Sugandha Mishra and Sanket Bhosale, are now collaborating with Krushna for The Drama Company. When prodded about the balance restored, he opined, “In my defence, I am one of the prominent faces on The Drama Company and that’s the reason I have taken it up. I feel as if a family member has gone away from me. I don’t grudge Kapil, but this was a pact between Bharti and me.”

So, has the development created a rift between the two friends? “Not at all. I am in touch with her. In fact, I was the first one to rush to her side when she was hospitalised recently. When I asked her about her decision, she said, 'Krushna, mujhe kaam karna hai'. On a positive note, there is a balance now between the two shows. Personally, I don't want Kapil's show to end. I want both to work so that there will be healthy competition," concluded Krushna.

Image Source: twitter/kapilsharma & colorstv