Krystle D’Souza Leaves Fans Surprised With Her Body-Transformation; Actress Heaps Praises On Her Fitness Expert

Krystle D’Souza opens up about her body-transformation and how Yash Patel easily accommodate an appropriate fitness regime in her busy work schedule

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Krystle D’Souza Leaves Fans Surprised With Her Body-Transformation; Actress Heaps Praises On Her Fitness Expert
Recently shared on her social media, actress Krystle D’Souza has always been the talk of the town, be it for performance or her fashion sense. The actress also has been a fitness freak, this time she has stunned her fans and friends from the industry by telling it loud that fitness has no end, it is a journey which keeps going on.

Celebrity Fitness Expert Yash Patel, Founder of Askknatural, has got the entire transformation with his unique techniques. Askknatural has renowned names in their clientele naming Swapnil Joshi, Bhagyashree Dassani, Rashmi Desai, Sonalee Kulkarni and many others. Krystle’s instagram post says, “Finding the balance between fitness and well-being has been a journey worth taking. Thanks @askknatural for helping me achieve this transformation and a renewed sense of Conviction. Grateful for this empowering journey from UK 12 to UK 8 and a healthier version of myself. #Askknatural #fitnessjourney #balance #transformation #grateful.”

When reached out to Krystle to talk about this transformation, she said, “I am excited to share my recent fitness transformation journey with you. As an actress, staying fit and healthy is essential to my career, but I have always struggled to find the right balance. Four months ago, I met Yash Patel, founder of Askknatural, who became my fitness coach. He helped me achieve my goals without pushing me beyond my limits, and the results were fantastic. I went from a UK size 12 to a UK size 8, and I feel more energised and confident.”

She added, “The best part about my transformation was that it was organic. Yash's training regime included animal flow workouts, strength training, and endurance training. He also provided me with a customised nutrition plan that made me feel full and energised throughout the day. The most significant change I noticed was that I did not have to give up my social life or travel plans to achieve my goals. Yash's program fit into my lifestyle, and I enjoyed my journey.”

“I am incredibly grateful to Yash for his support, guidance, and for helping me achieve my fitness goals. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to transform their life and achieve their fitness goals while enjoying their journey,” Krystle concluded.

Celebrity Fitness Express and Founder of Askknatural, Yash Patel said, “As the founder, I have been privileged to work with clients from all walks of life. However, my recent transformation journey with the talented Krystle D’Souza, has been truly remarkable. Krystle approached me with a desire to transform her body and improve her fitness levels. She was dedicated, motivated, and committed to making a lasting change. As her coach, it was my responsibility to design a personalized plan that would help her achieve her goals while still enjoying her life to the fullest.”

“We started with a comprehensive assessment of her current fitness levels, lifestyle habits, and nutrition preferences. Based on the findings, I designed a customized workout plan that included animal flow, strength training, and endurance training. Additionally, I provided Krystle with a tailored nutrition plan that would fuel her body and help her achieve her desired results,” he added.

“Throughout the transformation journey, Krystle was a model client. She was obedient and followed the nutrition plan diligently. Whenever she went off track, she was honest and vocal about it, which made it easier for us to adjust her plan and get her back on track. Over the course of four months, Krystle's transformation was phenomenal. Not only did she shed pounds of fat and gain lean muscle, but she also improved her strength and endurance levels remarkably. Her full-of-life personality and commitment to the journey made it an absolute pleasure to work with her,” he concluded.
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