LEAKED: This Scene From Ragini MMS Returns Will Be Internet’s HOTTEST & BOLDEST

A couple can be seen in throes of passion in this leaked shot from Ragini MMS Returns...

Internet’s hottest and boldest scene is being shot, as we speak. Ragini MMS Returns, is pulling out all stops for their upcoming episode.

This brand new picture that has just leaked online has taken the internet by storm. One look at it, and you’ll know why it's potentially explosive. Locked in an intimate embrace, a couple can be seen in throes of passion. 

leaked scene from ragini mms returns
Leaked Scene From Ragini MMS Returns

Ragini MMS Returns, is a popular horrex (horror+sex) web-series. In an exclusive interview to SpotboyE.com, the show’s leading lady Karishma Sharma had revealed that the makers were going all out to make this season, the sauciest and sexiest one ever.

The web-series also stars the hottie Riya Sen. The story will revolve around Simran(Riya) & Ragini(Karishma). The eerie happenings that they witness at an old deserted college form the heart of the show. Running behind the scandalous MMS CD, which has thrilling mysteries and dark secrets to unwind, is what awaits the two in search to fight the freakish energy that surrounds them.

The makers have now roped in popular film director Ken Ghosh to shoot the finale scene that will blow everyone’s mind. It also promises to be one of the boldest scenes to be ever shot for Ragini MMS Returns.